SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3732—Boat Building and Repairing
Establishments primarily engaged in building and repairing boats. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and nonrigid plastics boats are classified in Major Group 30. Establishments primarily engaged in operating marinas and which perform incidental boat repair are classified in Transportation, Industry 4493; membership yacht clubs are classified in Services, Industry 7997; and those performing outboard motor repair are classified in Services, Industry 7699.

Boat kits, not a modelHouseboats, building and repairing
Boats, fiberglass: building and repairingHydrofoil boats
Boats, rigid: plasticsKayaks, building and repairing
Boats: motorboats, sailboats, rowboats, and canoes-building and repairingLife boats, building and repairing
Canoes, building and repairingLife rafts, except inflatable (rubber and plastics)
Dinghies, building and repairingMotorboats, inboard and outboard: building and repairing
Dories, building and repairingPontoons, except aircraft and inflatable (rubber and plastics)
Fishing boats, smallSkiffs, building and repairing
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3732Boatbuilding and Repairing2,836
373200Boatbuilding and repairing1,798
37320000Boatbuilding and repairing1,798
373201Motorized boat, building and repairing348
37320100Motorized boat, building and repairing92
37320101Fishing boats: lobster, crab, oyster, etc.: small107
37320102Houseboats, building and repairing15
37320103Hydrofoil boats4
37320104Jet skis25
37320105Motorboats, inboard or outboard: building and repairing83
37320106Tenders (small motor craft), building and repairing22
373202Non-motorized boat, building and repairing143
37320200Non-motorized boat, building and repairing29
37320201Canoes, building and repairing27
37320202Dinghies, building and repairing0
37320203Dories, building and repairing1
37320204Iceboats, building and repairing1
37320205Kayaks, building and repairing18
37320206Life rafts, noninflatable: rubber or plastic1
37320207Lifeboats, building and repairing8
37320208Rowboats, building and repairing5
37320209Sailboats, building and repairing48
37320210Skiffs, building and repairing5
373299Boatbuilding and repairing, nec547
37329901Boat kits, not models20
37329902Boats, fiberglass: building and repairing284
37329903Boats, rigid: plastics8
37329904Pontoons, except aircraft and inflatable18
37329905Yachts, building and repairing217