Industry: 3731—Ship Building and Repairing
Establishments primarily engaged in building and repairing ships, barges, and lighters, whether self-propelled or towed by other craft. This industry also includes the conversion and alteration of ships and the manufacture of off-shore oil and gas well drilling and production platforms (whether or not self-propelled). Establishments primarily engaged in fabricating structural assemblies or components for ships, or subcontractors engaged in ship painting, joinery, carpentry work, and electrical wiring installation, are classified in other industries.

Barges, building and repairingOffshore supply boats, building and repairing
Cargo vessels, building and repairingPassenger-cargo vessels, building and repairing
Combat ships, building and repairingPatrol boats, building and repairing
Crew boats, building and repairingRadar towers, floating
Dredges, building and repairingSailing vessels, commercial: building and repairing
Drilling and production platforms, floating, oil and gasScows, building and repairing
Drydocks, floatingSeiners, building and repairing
Ferryboats, building and repairingShipbuilding and repairing
Fireboats, building and repairingSubmarine tenders, building and repairing
Fishing vessels, large: seiners and trawlers-building and repairingTankers (ships), building and repairing
Hydrofoil vesselsTenders (ships), building and repairing
Landing ships, building and repairingTowboats, building and repairing
Lighters, marine: building and repairingTransport vessels, passenger and troop: building and repairing
Lighthouse tenders, building and repairingTrawlers, building and repairing
Marine riggingTugboats, building and repairing
Naval ships, building and repairing
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3731Shipbuilding and Repairing984
373100Shipbuilding and repairing468
37310000Shipbuilding and repairing468
373101Commercial cargo ships, building and repairing241
37310100Commercial cargo ships, building and repairing45
37310101Barges, building and repairing66
37310102Cargo vessels, building and repairing21
37310103Fireboats, building and repairing2
37310104Fishing vessels, large: building and repairing20
37310105Hydrofoil vessels2
37310106Lighters, marine: building and repairing22
37310107Lighthouse tenders, building and repairing11
37310108Sailing vessels, commercial: building and repairing12
37310109Scows, building and repairing1
37310110Seiners, building and repairing1
37310111Tankers, building and repairing11
37310112Tenders, ships: building and repairing4
37310113Towboats, building and repairing6
37310114Trawlers, building and repairing4
37310115Tugboats, building and repairing13
373102Military ships, building and repairing115
37310200Military ships, building and repairing25
37310201Combat vessels, building and repairing13
37310202Landing ships, building and repairing6
37310203Offshore supply boats, building and repairing25
37310204Patrol boats, building and repairing7
37310205Submarine tenders, building and repairing5
37310206Submarines, building and repairing30
37310207Transport vessels, troop: building and repairing4
373103Commercial passenger ships, building and repairing27
37310300Commercial passenger ships, building and repairing10
37310301Crew boats, building and repairing11
37310302Ferryboats, building and repairing6
373199Shipbuilding and repairing, nec133
37319901Dredges, building and repairing15
37319902Drilling and production platforms, floating (oil and gas)65
37319903Drydocks, floating5
37319904Marine rigging30
37319905Radar towers, floating2
37319906Submersible marine robots, manned or unmanned16