SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3713—Truck and Bus Bodies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing truck and bus bodies and cabs for sale separately or for assembly on purchased chassis, or in assembling truck and bus bodies on purchased chassis. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing complete trucks and buses are classified in Industry 3711; those manufacturing stamped body parts for trucks and buses are classified in Industry 3465; those manufacturing truck trailers and demountable cargo containers are classified in Industry 3715; those manufacturing cabs for agricultural tractors are classified in Industry 3523; those manufacturing cabs for industrial trucks are classified in Industry 3537; and those manufacturing cabs for off-highway construction trucks are classified in Industry 3531.

Ambulance bodiesTruck beds
Automobile wrecker-truck bodyTruck bodies, motor vehicle
Bodies, dumpTruck cabs for motor vehicles
Bus bodies, motor vehicleTruck tops
Hearse bodiesVan-type bodies, all purpose
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3713Truck and Bus Bodies850
371300Truck and bus bodies173
37130000Truck and bus bodies173
371301Truck bodies and parts405
37130100Truck bodies and parts154
37130101Truck beds42
37130102Truck bodies (motor vehicles)187
37130103Truck cabs, for motor vehicles11
37130104Truck tops11
371302Specialty motor vehicle bodies272
37130200Specialty motor vehicle bodies33
37130201Ambulance bodies10
37130202Automobile wrecker truck bodies44
37130203Beverage truck bodies6
37130204Bus bodies (motor vehicles)16
37130205Car carrier bodies23
37130206Cement mixer bodies13
37130207Dump truck bodies51
37130208Farm truck bodies3
37130209Garbage, refuse truck bodies26
37130210Hearse bodies1
37130211Stake, platform truck bodies2
37130212Tank truck bodies12
37130213Utility truck bodies25
37130214Van bodies7