SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3711—Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete passenger automobiles, trucks, commercial cars and buses, and special purpose motor vehicles which are for highway use. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chassis and passenger car bodies. Such establishments may also manufacture motor vehicle parts, but establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle parts except chassis and passenger car bodies are classified in Industry 3714. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing truck and bus bodies and in assembling them on purchased chassis are classified in Industry 3713; those manufacturing motor homes on purchased chassis are classified in Industry 3716; those manufacturing motorcycles are classified in Industry 3751; those manufacturing industrial tractors are classified in Industry 3537; those manufacturing other wheel tractors, except contractors off-highway types, are classified in Industry 3523; those manufacturing tracklaying and contractors'off-highway type tractors are classified in Industry 3531; those manufacturing combat tanks and self-propelled weapons are classified in Industry 3795; and those manufacturing stamped body parts for passenger cars are classified in Industry 3465.

Ambulances (motor vehicles)Motor buses, except trackless trolley
Amphibian motor vehicles, except tanksMotor homes, self contained—mitse
Assembling complete automobiles, trucks, commercial cars, and busesMotor trucks, except off-highway
AutomobilesMotor vehicles, including amphibian
Bodies, passenger automobilePatrol wagons (motor vehicles)
Brooms, powered (motor vehicles)Personnel carriers, for highway use
Car bodies, including fiberglassRoad oilers (motor vehicles)
Cars, armoredSnowplows (motor vehicles)
Cars, electric: for highway useStation wagons (motor vehicles)
Chassis, motor vehicleStreet sprinklers and sweepers (motor vehicles)
Fire department vehicles (motor vehicles)Taxicabs
Flushers, street (motor vehicles)Tractors, truck: for highway use
Hearses (motor vehicles)Universal carriers, military
Mobile lounges (motor vehicle)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3711Motor Vehicles and Car Bodies1,800
371100Motor vehicles and car bodies478
37110000Motor vehicles and car bodies478
371101Automobile assembly, including specialty automobiles770
37110100Automobile assembly, including specialty automobiles420
37110101Ambulances (motor vehicles), assembly of42
37110102Automobile bodies, passenger car, not including engine, etc.96
37110103Cars, armored, assembly of46
37110104Cars, electric, assembly of41
37110105Chassis, motor vehicle103
37110106Hearses (motor vehicles), assembly of5
37110107Patrol wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of15
37110108Station wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of1
37110109Taxicabs, assembly of1
371102Truck and tractor truck assembly134
37110200Truck and tractor truck assembly73
37110201Motor trucks, except off-highway, assembly of4
37110202Truck tractors for highway use, assembly of35
37110203Trucks, pickup, assembly of22
371103Military motor vehicle assembly72
37110300Military motor vehicle assembly39
37110301Amphibian motor vehicles, assembly of3
37110302Personnel carriers (motor vehicles), assembly of11
37110303Reconnaissance cars, assembly of5
37110304Scout cars (motor vehicles), assembly of6
37110305Universal carriers, military, assembly of8
371104Bus and other large specialty vehicle assembly346
37110400Bus and other large specialty vehicle assembly17
37110401Brooms, powered (motor vehicles), assembly of1
37110402Buses, all types, assembly of37
37110403Fire department vehicles (motor vehicles), assembly of159
37110404Mobile lounges (motor vehicle), assembly of4
37110405Motor buses, except trackless trollies, assembly of8
37110406Motor homes, self contained, assembly of5
37110407Road oilers (motor vehicles), assembly of4
37110408Snow plows (motor vehicles), assembly of27
37110410Street sprinklers and sweepers (motor vehicles), assembly of9
37110411Wreckers (tow truck), assembly of75