SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3792—Travel Trailers and Campers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing travel trailers and campers for attachment to passenger cars or other vehicles, pickup coaches (campers) and caps (covers) for mounting on pickup trucks. Travel trailers are generally 35 feet long or less, 8 feet wide or less, and have storage facilities for water and waste. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mobile homes are classified in Industry 2451.

Campers, for mounting on trucksTent-type camping trailers
Camping trailers and chassisTravel trailer chassis
Pickup coaches (campers) for mounting on pickup trucksTruck campers (slide-in campers)
Pickup covers, canopies or caps
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3792Travel Trailers and Campers330
379200Travel trailers and campers174
37920000Travel trailers and campers174
379299Travel trailers and campers, nec156
37929901Automobile house trailer chassis6
37929902Campers, for mounting on trucks28
37929903Camping trailers and chassis20
37929904House trailers, except as permanent dwellings19
37929905Pickup covers, canopies or caps28
37929906Tent-type camping trailers11
37929907Trailer coaches, automobile31
37929908Travel trailer chassis7
37929909Truck campers (slide-in)6