SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3728—Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment, not elsewhere classified. This industry also includes establishments owned by manufacturers of aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment and primarily engaged in research and development on aircraft parts, whether from enterprise funds or on a contract or fee basis. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete aircraft are classified in Industry 3721; those manufacturing aircraft engines and parts are classified in Industry 3724; those manufacturing aeronautical instruments are classified in Industry 3812; those manufacturing aircraft engine electrical (aeronautical electrical) equipment are classified in Industry 3694; and those manufacturing guided missile and space vehicle parts and auxiliary equipment are classified in Industry 3769. Establishments not owned by manufacturers of aircraft parts but primarily engaged in research and development on aircraft parts on a contract or fee basis are classified in Services, Industry 8731.

Adapter assemblies, hydromatic propellerInstrument panel mockups: aircraft training units
Ailerons, aircraftLanding gear, aircraft
Aircraft armament, except gunsLanding skis and tracks, aircraft
Aircraft arresting device systemLink trainers (aircraft training mechanisms)
Aircraft assemblies, subƒassemblies, and parts, except enginesNacelles, aircraft
Aircraft body assemblies and partsOleo struts, aircraft
Aircraft power transmission equipmentOxygen systems for aircraft
Aircraft propeller partsPanel assemblies (hydromatic propeller test stands), aircraft
Airframe assemblies, except for guided missilesPontoons, aircraft
Airplane brake expandersPropeller alining tables
Alighting assemblies (landing gear), aircraft Beaching gear, aircraftPropellers, variable and fixed pitch and parts—aircraft
Blades, aircraft propeller: metal or woodPumps, propeller feathering
Bomb racks, aircraftRefueling equipment, airplane: for use in night
Brakes, aircraftResearch and development on aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment
Chaffing dispensers, aircraftRoto-blades for helicopters
Countermeasure dispensers, aircraftRudders, aircraft
Deicing equipment, aircraftSeat ejector devices, aircraft
Dive brakes, aircraftSpinners, aircraft propeller
Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraftStabilizers, aircraft
Dynetric balancing stands, aircraftTarget drones, aircraft
Elevators, aircraftTargets, trailer type: aircraft
Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts aircraftTow targets, aircraft
Fins, aircraftTraining aids, aircraft: except electronic
Flaps, aircraft wingTransmissions, aircraft
Fuel tanks, aircraft: including self-sealingTurret test fixtures, aircraft
Fuselage assemblies, aircraftTurrets and turret drives, aircraft
Gears, power transmission: aircraftWheels, aircraft
Governors, aircraft propeller featheringWing assemblies and parts, aircraft
Hubs, aircraft propeller
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3728Aircraft Parts and Equipment, Nec3,484
372800Aircraft parts and equipment, nec2,622
37280000Aircraft parts and equipment, nec2,622
372801Aircraft body and wing assemblies and parts240
37280100Aircraft body and wing assemblies and parts87
37280101Ailerons, aircraft7
37280102Aircraft body assemblies and parts78
37280103Airframe assemblies, except for guided missiles14
37280104Bodies, aircraft10
37280105Elevators, aircraft3
37280106Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts, aircraft2
37280107Fins, aircraft0
37280108Flaps, aircraft wing2
37280109Fuel tanks, aircraft13
37280110Fuselage assembly, aircraft4
37280111Nacelles, aircraft5
37280112Pontoons, aircraft3
37280113Rudders, aircraft2
37280114Stabilizers, aircraft0
37280115Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft10
372802Aircraft propellers and associated equipment76
37280200Aircraft propellers and associated equipment22
37280201Accumulators, aircraft propeller12
37280202Adapter assemblies, hydromatic propeller1
37280203Aircraft power transmission equipment6
37280204Blades, aircraft propeller: metal or wood9
37280205Gears, aircraft power transmission17
37280206Governors, aircraft propeller feathering2
37280207Hubs, aircraft propeller0
37280208Propeller aligning tables0
37280209Pumps, propeller feathering2
37280210Roto-blades for helicopters5
37280211Spinners, aircraft propeller0
372803Aircraft landing assemblies and brakes51
37280300Aircraft landing assemblies and brakes15
37280301Aircraft arresting device system2
37280302Airplane brake expanders3
37280303Alighting (landing gear) assemblies, aircraft13
37280304Brakes, aircraft11
37280305Dive brakes, aircraft0
37280306Landing skis and tracks, aircraft2
37280307Wheels, aircraft5
372804Military aircraft equipment and armament73
37280400Military aircraft equipment and armament69
37280401Aircraft armament, except guns1
37280402Bomb racks, aircraft0
37280403Chaff dispensers, aircraft0
37280404Countermeasure dispensers, aircraft1
37280405Turret test fixtures, aircraft2
37280406Turrets and turret drives, aircraft0
372805Aircraft training equipment90
37280500Aircraft training equipment23
37280501Link trainers (aircraft training mechanisms)3
37280502Target drones61
37280503Targets, trailer type: aircraft1
37280504Tow targets2
372899Aircraft parts and equipment, nec, nec332
37289901Aircraft assemblies, subassemblies, and parts, nec228
37289902Beaching gear, aircraft1
37289903Deicing equipment, aircraft11
37289904Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraft5
37289905Dynetric balancing stands, aircraft1
37289907Oxygen systems, aircraft9
37289908Panel assembly (hydromatic propeller test stands), aircraft3
37289910Refueling equipment for use in flight, airplane19
37289911Seat ejector devices, aircraft2