22 - Textile Mill Products
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
22Textile Mill Products10,446
2211Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton2,439
221100Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton141
22110000Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton141
221101Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton114
22110100Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton33
22110101Bed sheeting, cotton9
22110102Bed tickings, cotton1
22110103Bedspreads, cotton11
22110104Blankets and blanketings, cotton25
22110107Pillow tubing1
22110109Sheets and sheetings, cotton4
22110110Table cover fabrics, cotton9
22110112Tubing, seamless: cotton3
221102Apparel and outerwear fabrics, cotton222
22110200Apparel and outerwear fabrics, cotton178
22110201Corset fabrics, cotton1
22110202Dress fabrics, cotton10
22110204Glove fabrics, cotton3
22110205Handkerchief fabrics, cotton3
22110206Madras, cotton0
22110207Mitten flannel, cotton0
22110209Pajama checks, textile2
22110210Shirting fabrics, cotton9
22110211Shoe fabrics6
22110214Underwear fabrics, cotton9
221103Towels, dishcloths and washcloths: cotton49
22110300Towels, dishcloths and washcloths: cotton7
22110303Glass toweling, cotton0
22110305Towels and toweling, cotton12
221104Plushes and piles, broadwoven cotton: including flannels16
22110400Plushes and piles, broadwoven cotton: including flannels0
22110401Canton flannels, cotton0
22110404Flannels, cotton1
22110405Outing flannel, cotton0
22110406Pile fabrics, cotton2
22110407Plushes, cotton1
22110408Terry woven fabrics, cotton1
22110411Velvets, cotton1
221105Twills, drills, denims and other ribbed fabrics: cotton305
22110500Twills, drills, denims and other ribbed fabrics: cotton2
22110501Bombazine, cotton0
22110503Corduroys, cotton1
22110504Coverts, cotton1
22110506Drills, cotton3
22110509Jean fabrics11
22110511Piques, cotton0
22110512Pocketing twill, cotton3
22110513Poplin, cotton0
22110514Rep, cotton12
22110516Twills, cotton0
221106Upholstery, tapestry and wall coverings: cotton225
22110600Upholstery, tapestry and wall coverings: cotton17
22110601Airplane cloth, cotton6
22110602Automotive fabrics, cotton4
22110603Brocatelle, cotton0
22110604Casement cloth, cotton0
22110605Draperies and drapery fabrics, cotton123
22110606Furniture denim11
22110607Seat cover cloth, automobile: cotton10
22110608Shade cloth, window: cotton4
22110609Slip cover fabrics, cotton8
22110610Tapestry fabrics, cotton5
22110611Upholstery fabrics, cotton37
221107Nets and netting products and fabrics, cotton22
22110700Nets and netting products and fabrics, cotton4
22110701Camouflage nets7
22110702Laundry nets7
22110703Mosquito netting4
221108Sheers and other thin, lightweight fabrics: cotton19
22110800Sheers and other thin, lightweight fabrics: cotton2
22110802Butter cloths1
22110803Cambric, cotton1
22110806Filter cloth, cotton8
22110812Press cloth3
22110813Scrim, cotton1
22110815Tracing cloth, cotton1
221109Bandages, gauzes and surgical fabrics, cotton24
22110900Bandages, gauzes and surgical fabrics, cotton11
22110901Bandage cloths, cotton4
22110905Surgical fabrics, cotton6
221110Linings and interlinings, cotton8
22111000Linings and interlinings, cotton6
22111003Interlining material, cotton1
22111004Percaline, cotton0
22111005Table damask, cotton0
221111Canvas and other heavy, coarse fabrics: cotton931
22111100Canvas and other heavy, coarse fabrics: cotton16
22111101Awning stripes, cotton4
22111102Balloon cloth, cotton1
22111103Bark cloth, cotton0
22111107Duck, cotton2
22111110Luggage fabrics, cotton12
22111113Sail cloth9
221112Decorative trim and specialty fabrics, including twist weave61
22111200Decorative trim and specialty fabrics, including twist weave29
22111201Book cloth3
22111202Brocade, cotton0
22111203Bunting cloths0
22111205Chenilles, tufted textile5
22111208Jacquard woven fabrics, cotton1
22111210Matelasse, cotton2
22111211Pin checks, cotton2
22111212Pin stripes, cotton6
22111216Typewriter ribbon cloth1
221113Crepes and other crinkled texture fabrics, cotton6
22111300Crepes and other crinkled texture fabrics, cotton5
22111301Crepes, cotton1
22111304Seersuckers, cotton0
221199Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton, nec296
22119901Alpacas, cotton57
22119902Bags and bagging, cotton35
22119903Basket weave fabrics, cotton20
22119904Bathmats, cotton1
22119905Bird's-eye diaper cloth, cotton4
22119906Broadcloth, cotton4
22119907Card roll fabrics, cotton4
22119908Chafer fabrics, cotton0
22119909Cotton broad woven goods15
22119911Coutil, cotton2
22119912Diaper fabrics, nec5
22119913Elastic fabrics, cotton4
22119914Express stripes, cotton0
22119916Laundry fabrics, cotton8
22119917Lawns, cotton1
22119918Long cloth, cotton4
22119919Print cloths, cotton60
22119921Scrub cloths28
22119922Stretch fabrics, cotton4
22119923Umbrella cloth, cotton4
22119925Wignan, cotton1
22119926Yarn-dyed fabrics, cotton19
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade778
222100Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade120
22210000Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade120
222101Bedding, manmade or silk fabric88
22210100Bedding, manmade or silk fabric17
22210101Bedspreads, silk and manmade fiber1
22210102Blanketings, manmade fiber6
22210103Comforters and quilts, manmade fiber and silk64
222102Apparel and outerwear fabric, manmade fiber or silk58
22210200Apparel and outerwear fabric, manmade fiber or silk41
22210201Dress fabrics, manmade fiber and silk9
22210202Necktie fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: broadwoven2
22210203Shirting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk3
22210204Suiting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk1
22210205Underwear fabrics, manmade fiber and silk2
222103Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes79
22210300Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes5
22210301Canton crepes1
22210304French crepes3
22210308Silk broadwoven fabrics5
222104Manmade and synthetic broadwoven fabrics83
22210400Manmade and synthetic broadwoven fabrics24
22210401Acetate broadwoven fabrics1
22210402Acrylic broadwoven fabrics11
22210404Nylon broadwoven fabrics17
22210406Polyester broadwoven fabrics11
22210407Polyethylene broadwoven fabrics3
22210408Polypropylene broadwoven fabrics12
22210409Rayon broadwoven fabrics0
22210411Spandex broadwoven fabrics2
22210412Vinal broadwoven fabrics2
222105Glass and fiberglass broadwoven fabrics153
22210500Glass and fiberglass broadwoven fabrics29
22210501Fiberglass fabrics117
22210502Glass broadwoven fabrics7
222106Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics109
22210600Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics21
22210601Automotive fabrics, manmade fiber11
22210602Draperies and drapery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk39
22210603Slip cover fabrics, manmade fiber and silk6
22210604Tapestry fabrics, manmade fiber and silk3
22210605Upholstery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk10
22210606Wall covering fabrics, manmade fiber and silk19
222107Ribbed broadwoven fabrics1
22210702Poplin, manmade fiber0
22210703Serges, manmade fiber0
22210704Twills, manmade fiber0
222108Plushes and piles, broadwoven fabrics7
22210801Duvetyn, manmade fiber and silk0
22210802Pile fabrics, manmade fiber and silk4
22210803Plushes, manmade fiber and silk1
22210804Velvets, manmade fiber and silk2
222109Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves32
22210900Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves17
22210901Elastic fabrics, manmade fiber and silk2
22210902Fur-type fabrics, manmade fiber1
22210903Jacquard woven fabrics, manmade fiber and silk0
22210904Leno fabrics, manmade fiber and silk0
22210905Paper broadwoven fabrics7
22210906Parachute fabrics4
22210908Typewriter ribbon cloth, manmade fiber1
222199Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade, nec48
22219901Lining fabrics, manmade fiber and silk3
22219902Linings, rayon or silk1
22219903Marquisettes, manmade fiber0
22219904Textile mills, broadwoven: silk and manmade, also glass37
22219905Textile warping, on a contract basis7
2231Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool603
223100Broadwoven fabric mills, wool62
22310000Broadwoven fabric mills, wool62
223101Apparel and outerwear broadwoven fabrics44
22310100Apparel and outerwear broadwoven fabrics41
22310101Overcoatings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers1
22310103Serges of wool, mohair, or similar fibers1
22310104Skirtings: wool, mohair or similar fibers1
22310105Suitings: wool, mohair, or similar fibers0
223102Bleaching, dying and specialty treating: wool, mohair, etc.27
22310200Bleaching, dying and specialty treating: wool, mohair, etc.4
22310201Bleaching yarn and fabrics: wool or similar fibers2
22310202Calendering: wool, mohair, or similar fiber fabrics0
22310203Dyeing and finishing: wool or similar fibers14
22310204Napping: wool, mohair, or similar fiber fabrics0
22310205Preshrinking wool broadwoven fabrics1
22310206Raw stock dyeing and finishing of wool or similar fabric0
22310207Refinishing cloth of wool, mohair or similar fabric4
22310208Shrinking cloth: wool, mohair, or similar fibers0
22310209Sponging cloth: wool, mohair, or similar fabric0
22310210Worsted fabrics, broadwoven2
223103Felts, blanketing and upholstery fabrics: wool41
22310300Felts, blanketing and upholstery fabrics: wool4
22310301Billiard cloths2
22310302Blankets and blanketings: wool or similar fibers6
22310303Felts, woven: wool, mohair, or similar fibers10
22310304Papermakers' felts, woven: wool, mohair, or similar fibers5
22310305Upholstery fabrics, wool14
223104Animal fiber fabrics, except wool: woven370
22310400Animal fiber fabrics, except wool: woven4
22310401Alpacas, mohair: woven366
22310402Haircloth: wool, mohair, or similar fibers0
223199Broadwoven fabric mills, wool, nec59
22319901Burling and mending cloth0
22319902Cloth, wool: mending8
22319903Fabric finishing: wool, mohair, or similar fibers9
22319904Flannels: wool, mohair, or similar fibers3
22319905Mill menders, contract: wool, mohair, or similar fibers2
22319906Narrow fabrics: dyeing and finishing of wool or similar good1
22319907Weaving mill, broadwoven fabrics: wool or similar fabric21
22319908Wool broadwoven fabrics15
2241Narrow Fabric Mills375
224100Narrow fabric mills61
22410000Narrow fabric mills61
224101Lace and decorative trim, narrow fabric80
22410100Lace and decorative trim, narrow fabric3
22410101Fringes, woven3
22410102Hat band fabrics3
22410103Lace, auto wind1
22410104Laces, corset or shoe: textile1
22410105Lacings, textile2
22410106Ribbons, nec20
22410108Shoe laces, except leather12
22410109Trimmings, textile31
224102Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics33
22410200Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics5
22410201Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braided14
22410202Elastic webbing3
22410203Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered5
22410204Thread, elastic: fabric covered1
22410205Yarns, elastic: fabric covered5
224103Fabric tapes33
22410300Fabric tapes16
22410301Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plastic9
22410302Slide fastener tapes3
22410303Tie tapes, woven or braided4
22410304Venetian blind tapes1
22410305Zipper tape0
224104Webbing, braids and belting100
22410400Webbing, braids and belting9
22410401Apparel webbing14
22410402Beltings, woven or braided1
22410403Bindings, textile15
22410404Braids, textile25
22410405Braids, tubular nylon or plastic4
22410407Spindle banding5
22410408Strapping webs11
22410409Webbing, woven15
224199Narrow fabric mills, nec68
22419901Cords, fabric5
22419902Cotton narrow fabrics7
22419903Fabric, animal fiber: narrow woven3
22419904Glass narrow fabrics2
22419905Glove lining fabrics3
22419906Hose fabric, tubular10
22419907Labels, woven22
22419908Manmade fiber narrow woven fabrics11
22419909Rayon narrow fabrics0
22419910Silk narrow fabrics4
22419911Wool narrow woven goods1
2251Women's Hosiery, Except Socks72
225100Women's hosiery, except socks56
22510000Women's hosiery, except socks56
225199Women's hosiery, except socks, nec16
22519901Dyeing and finishing women's full- and knee-length hosiery6
22519902Panty hose6
22519903Tights, women's4
2252Hosiery, Nec488
225200Hosiery, nec57
22520000Hosiery, nec57
225201Anklets and socks408
22520100Anklets and socks14
22520101Anklets (hosiery)3
22520102Slipper socks2
225202Tights and leg warmers4
22520200Tights and leg warmers3
22520201Leg warmers1
22520202Tights, except women's0
225299Hosiery, nec, nec19
22529901Dyeing and finishing hosiery5
22529902Men's, boys', and girls' hosiery14
2253Knit Outerwear Mills752
225300Knit outerwear mills114
22530000Knit outerwear mills114
225301Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear353
22530100Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear9
22530101Bathing suits and swimwear, knit63
22530102Beachwear, knit11
22530103T-shirts and tops, knit270
225302Cold weather knit outerwear including ski wear166
22530200Cold weather knit outerwear including ski wear10
22530201Hats and headwear, knit37
22530202Jackets, knit12
22530203Jerseys, knit12
22530204Scarves and mufflers, knit10
22530205Shawls, knit2
22530206Ski suits, knit5
22530207Sweaters and sweater coats, knit78
225303Lounge, bed, and leisurewear32
22530300Lounge, bed, and leisurewear22
22530301Bathrobes, knit1
22530303Housecoats, knit1
22530304Jogging and warm-up suits, knit6
22530305Leotards, knit2
22530306Lounging robes, knit0
225304Dresses and skirts28
22530400Dresses and skirts17
22530401Dresses, hand knit2
22530402Dresses, knit9
22530403Skirts, knit0
225305Blouses, shirts, pants, and suits44
22530500Blouses, shirts, pants, and suits5
22530501Basque shirts, knit2
22530502Blouses, knit2
22530503Body stockings, knit0
22530504Pants, slacks, or trousers, knit14
22530505Shirts(outerwear), knit21
22530506Suits, knit0
225399Knit outerwear mills, nec15
22539901Collar and cuff sets, knit5
22539902Dyeing and finishing knit outerwear, excl. hosiery and glove9
22539903Neckties, knit1
22539904Shoulderettes, knit0
22539905Wristlets, knit0
2254Knit Underwear Mills144
225400Knit underwear mills28
22540000Knit underwear mills28
225401Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit85
22540100Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit3
22540101Panties, knit2
22540102Shirts and T-shirts (underwear), knit77
22540103Shorts, briefs, drawers (underwear), knit3
22540105Step-ins, knit0
225499Knit underwear mills, nec31
22549901Dyeing and finishing knit underwear0
22549902Nightwear (nightgowns, negligees, pajamas), knit11
22549903Underwear, knit20
2257Weft Knit Fabric Mills43
225700Weft knit fabric mills21
22570000Weft knit fabric mills21
225799Weft knit fabric mills, nec22
22579901Dyeing and finishing circular knit fabrics9
22579902Jersey cloth4
22579903Pile fabrics, circular knit9
2258Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills115
225800Lace and warp knit fabric mills26
22580000Lace and warp knit fabric mills26
225801Lace and lace products35
22580100Lace and lace products12
22580101Bed sets, lace0
22580102Bedspreads, lace: made on lace machines1
22580103Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and table9
22580104Curtains and curtain fabrics, lace7
22580105Edgings, lace0
22580107Lace, knit, nec5
22580108Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham1
225802Warp and flat knit products27
22580200Warp and flat knit products7
22580201Cloth, warp knit10
22580202Fabric finishing, warp knit7
22580203Pile fabrics, warp or flat knit0
22580204Tricot fabrics3
225803Net and netting products19
22580300Net and netting products19
22580301Mosquito netting, warp knit0
22580303Netting, knit0
225899Lace and warp knit fabric mills, nec8
22589901Dyeing and finishing lace goods and warp knit fabric8
2259Knitting Mills, Nec101
225900Knitting mills, nec15
22590000Knitting mills, nec15
225901Gloves and mittens, knit22
22590100Gloves and mittens, knit10
22590101Dress and semidress gloves, knit2
22590103Gloves, knit, except dress and semidress gloves1
22590104Mittens, knit3
22590105Work gloves, knit6
225902Towels, washcloths, and dishcloths: knit10
22590200Towels, washcloths, and dishcloths: knit7
22590201Dishcloths, knit0
22590202Towels, knit2
225903Curtains and bedding, knit20
22590300Curtains and bedding, knit15
22590301Bedspreads, knit4
22590302Curtains, knit1
225904Girdles and girdle blanks, knit3
22590400Girdles and girdle blanks, knit1
22590402Girdles and other foundation garments, knit2
225999Knitting mills, nec, nec31
22599901Bags and bagging, knit6
22599902Convertors, knit goods21
22599903Meat bagging, knit2
22599904Shoe linings, knit0
22599905Stockinettes, knit2
2261Finishing Plants, Cotton637
226100Finishing plants, cotton74
22610000Finishing plants, cotton74
226101Printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics498
22610100Printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics50
22610101Plisse printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics4
22610102Roller printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics5
22610103Screen printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics439
226102Chemical coating or treating of cotton broadwoven fabrics52
22610200Chemical coating or treating of cotton broadwoven fabrics9
22610201Bleaching cotton broadwoven fabrics7
22610202Dyeing cotton broadwoven fabrics20
22610203Fire resistance finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics13
22610207Shrinking cotton cloth0
22610209Water repellency finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics0
226103Decorative finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics9
22610300Decorative finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics3
22610301Embossing cotton broadwoven fabrics4
22610302Flocking of cotton broadwoven fabrics2
22610303Napping of cotton broadwoven fabrics0
226199Finishing plants, cotton, nec4
22619901Calendering of cotton fabrics0
22619902Refinishing cotton broadwoven cloth, for the trade1
22619903Sponging cotton broadwoven cloth, for the trade3
2262Finishing Plants, Manmade300
226200Finishing plants, manmade24
22620000Finishing plants, manmade24
226201Printing, manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics237
22620100Printing, manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics16
22620101Flock printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics3
22620102Lacquer printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics0
22620103Overprinting: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics2
22620105Roller printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics5
22620106Screen printing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics211
226202Chemical coating or treating of manmade broadwoven fabrics25
22620200Chemical coating or treating of manmade broadwoven fabrics9
22620201Bleaching: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics0
22620202Dyeing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics13
22620203Fire resistance finishing: manmade and silk broadwoven2
22620205Preshrinking: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics1
22620206Shrinking: manmade fiber and silk cloth0
226203Decorative finishing of manmade broadwoven fabrics7
22620300Decorative finishing of manmade broadwoven fabrics4
22620301Embossing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics2
22620302Napping: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics0
22620303Teaseling: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics1
226299Finishing plants, manmade, nec7
22629901Calendering: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics0
22629902Refinishing: manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics3
22629903Silk broadwoven fabric finishing4
2269Finishing Plants, Nec154
226900Finishing plants, nec49
22690000Finishing plants, nec49
226901Printing of narrow fabrics32
22690100Printing of narrow fabrics4
22690101Flock printing of narrow fabrics1
22690102Labels, cotton: printed27
226902Chemical coating or treating of narrow fabrics37
22690200Chemical coating or treating of narrow fabrics9
22690201Bleaching: raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics2
22690202Dyeing: raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics26
226903Decorative finishing of narrow fabrics4
22690300Decorative finishing of narrow fabrics0
22690301Braided goods: bleaching, dyeing, or other finishings1
22690302Embossing: linen broadwoven fabrics3
226999Finishing plants, nec, nec32
22699901Cloth mending, for the trade8
22699902Finishing: raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics4
22699904Linen fabrics: dyeing, finishing, and printing20
2273Carpets and Rugs1,057
227300Carpets and rugs530
22730000Carpets and rugs530
227301Aircraft and automobile floor coverings23
22730100Aircraft and automobile floor coverings6
22730101Aircraft floor coverings, except rubber or plastic2
22730102Automobile floor coverings, except rubber or plastic15
227302Mats and matting82
22730200Mats and matting57
22730201Bathmats and sets, textile11
22730202Door mats: paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, rags, etc.14
227303Art squares26
22730300Art squares11
22730301Art squares, textile fiber11
22730302Art squares: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, etc.4
227304Carpets, hand and machine made88
22730400Carpets, hand and machine made48
22730401Axminster carpets4
22730402Carpets, textile fiber30
22730403Carpets: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, etc.3
22730404Wilton carpets3
227305Rugs, hand and machine made108
22730500Rugs, hand and machine made62
22730501Chenille rugs1
22730502Rugs, braided and hooked14
22730503Rugs, machine woven6
22730504Rugs, tufted21
22730505Rugs: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, etc.3
22730506Scatter rugs, except rubber or plastic1
227399Carpets and rugs, nec200
22739901Dyeing and finishing of tufted rugs and carpets19
22739902Finishers of tufted carpets and rugs142
22739903Floor coverings, textile fiber30
22739904Floor coverings: paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, etc.8
22739905Smyrna carpets and rugs, machine woven1
2281Yarn Spinning Mills264
228100Yarn spinning mills78
22810000Yarn spinning mills78
228101Needle and handicraft yarns, spun81
22810100Needle and handicraft yarns, spun10
22810101Cordage yarn, spun0
22810102Crochet yarn, spun5
22810104Embroidery yarn, spun29
22810105Knitting yarn, spun17
22810106Spinning yarn12
22810107Weaving yarn, spun8
228102Manmade and synthetic fiber yarns, spun38
22810200Manmade and synthetic fiber yarns, spun20
22810201Acetate yarn, spun: made from purchased staple1
22810202Acrylic yarn, spun: made from purchased staple1
22810203Manmade staple fiber yarn, spun3
22810205Nylon yarn, spinning of staple4
22810207Polyester yarn, spun: made from purchased staple7
22810208Polypropylene yarn, spun: made from purchased staple1
22810209Rayon yarn, spun: made from purchased staple1
228103Natural and animal fiber yarns, spun47
22810300Natural and animal fiber yarns, spun9
22810301Animal fiber yarn, spun5
22810302Cotton yarn, spun20
22810303Mohair yarn, spun0
22810304Silk yarn, spun0
22810305Wool yarn, spun13
228104Carpet and rug yarn, spun15
22810400Carpet and rug yarn, spun3
22810401Carpet yarn, spun10
22810402Rug yarn, spun2
228199Yarn spinning mills, nec5
22819901Carded yarn, spun2
22819902Combed yarn, spun3
2282Throwing and Winding Mills115
228200Throwing and winding mills37
22820000Throwing and winding mills37
228201Needle and handicraft yarns, twisting, winding, or spooling33
22820100Needle and handicraft yarns, twisting, winding, or spooling5
22820101Crochet yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling2
22820103Embroidery yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling16
22820104Knitting yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling8
22820105Weaving yarn, throwing and twisting2
228202Manmade and synthetic fiber yarns, twisting, winding, etc.20
22820200Manmade and synthetic fiber yarns, twisting, winding, etc.6
22820201Acetate filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, spooling5
22820202Acrylic and modacrylic filament yarn: throwing, winding, etc1
22820203Nylon yarn: throwing, twisting, winding or spooling2
22820204Polyester filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, etc.3
22820205Polypropylene filament yarn: twisting, winding, etc.3
22820208Vinal filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, spooling0
228203Natural and animal fiber yarns: twisting, winding, spooling2
22820300Natural and animal fiber yarns: twisting, winding, spooling1
22820302Mohair yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling0
22820303Wool yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling0
228204Carpet and rug yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling7
22820400Carpet and rug yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling3
22820401Carpet yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling3
228299Throwing and winding mills, nec16
22829901Beaming yarns, for the trade1
22829902Rewinding of yarn2
22829903Spooling yarn0
22829904Textured yarn8
22829905Throwing yarn2
22829906Twisting yarn0
22829907Winding yarn3
2284Thread Mills193
228400Thread mills25
22840000Thread mills25
228401Thread from manmade fibers9
22840100Thread from manmade fibers5
22840101Nylon thread2
22840102Polyester thread2
22840103Rayon thread0
228402Thread from natural fibers28
22840200Thread from natural fibers9
22840201Cotton thread13
22840202Silk thread6
228403Needle and handicraft thread129
22840300Needle and handicraft thread14
22840301Crochet thread1
22840303Embroidery thread91
22840304Hand knitting thread8
22840305Sewing thread13
22840306Spinning thread1
228499Thread mills, nec2
22849901Thread: bleaching, dyeing, and finishing2
2295Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized389
229500Coated fabrics, not rubberized88
22950000Coated fabrics, not rubberized88
229501Chemically coated and treated fabrics79
22950100Chemically coated and treated fabrics18
22950101Buckram: varnished, waxed, and impregnated2
22950102Leather, artificial or imitation11
22950103Metallizing of fabrics37
22950106Waterproofing fabrics, except rubberizing7
229502Plastic coated yarns or fabrics139
22950200Plastic coated yarns or fabrics10
22950201Resin or plastic coated fabrics114
22950202Tape, varnished: plastic, and other coated (except magnetic)11
22950203Yarns, plastic coated: made from purchased yarns4
229503Varnished glass and coated fiberglass fabrics35
22950300Varnished glass and coated fiberglass fabrics3
22950302Mats, varnished glass0
22950303Sealing or insulating tape for pipe: coated fiberglass32
229599Coated fabrics, not rubberized, nec48
22959902Laminating of fabrics36
22959903Shade cloth, coated or impregnated2
22959904Sleeving, textile: saturated0
22959905Tubing, textile: varnished5
22959906Varnishing of textiles3
22959907Waxing of cloth2
2296Tire Cord and Fabrics41
229600Tire cord and fabrics12
22960000Tire cord and fabrics12
229601Cord and fabric for reinforcing rubber tires11
22960100Cord and fabric for reinforcing rubber tires2
22960101Cord for reinforcing rubber tires1
22960102Fabric for reinforcing rubber tires1
22960104Steel tire cords and tire cord fabrics7
229602Cord and fabric for reinforcing industrial belting14
22960200Cord and fabric for reinforcing industrial belting5
22960201Cord for reinforcing industrial belting2
22960202Fabric for reinforcing industrial belting7
229603Cord and fabric for reinforcing fuel cells4
22960300Cord and fabric for reinforcing fuel cells2
2297Nonwoven Fabrics150
229700Nonwoven fabrics127
22970000Nonwoven fabrics127
229799Nonwoven fabrics, nec23
22979901Bonded-fiber fabrics, except felt10
22979902Ribbon, nonwoven (yarn bonded by plastic)4
22979903Spunbonded fabrics9
2298Cordage and Twine328
229800Cordage and twine44
22980000Cordage and twine44
229801Ropes and fiber cables151
22980100Ropes and fiber cables43
22980101Blasting mats, rope2
22980102Cable, fiber71
22980103Rope, except asbestos and wire35
229802Twine, cord and cordage40
22980200Twine, cord and cordage7
22980201Binder and baler twine4
22980202Cord, braided6
22980203Cordage: abaca, sisal, henequen, hemp, jute, or other fiber9
22980204Hard fiber cordage and twine3
22980205Soft fiber cordage and twine2
22980206Trawl twine1
22980207Twine, nec8
229803Nets, seines, slings and insulator pads59
22980300Nets, seines, slings and insulator pads5
22980301Camouflage nets, not made in weaving mills0
22980302Cargo nets17
22980303Fishing lines, nets, seines: made in cordage or twine mills11
22980304Insulator pads, cordage5
22980305Nets, rope6
22980306Slings, rope15
229899Cordage and twine, nec34
22989901Wire rope centers34
2299Textile Goods, Nec908
229900Textile goods, nec189
22990000Textile goods, nec189
229901Batting, wadding, padding and fillings191
22990100Batting, wadding, padding and fillings89
22990101Apparel filling: cotton waste, kapok, and related material20
22990102Batts and batting: cotton mill waste and related material19
22990103Hair, curled: for upholstery, pillow, and quilt filling6
22990104Padding and wadding, textile13
22990105Pads, fiber: henequen, sisal, istle7
22990106Pillow fillings: curled hair, cotton waste, moss, hemp tow10
22990107Quilt fillings: curled hair, cotton waste, moss, hemp tow6
22990108Upholstery filling, textile21
229902Felts and felt products49
22990200Felts and felt products22
22990201Acoustic felts8
22990202Automotive felts2
22990203Boiler covering, felt1
22990204Carpet cushions, felt2
22990205Insulating felts3
22990206Ironing board felts, except woven0
22990208Mats, felt: except woven1
22990209Pipe and boiler covering, felt3
22990210Polishing felts2
22990211Pressed wool felts0
22990212Punched felts0
22990213Trimming felts, except woven1
22990214Wool felts, pressed or needle loom1
229903Yarns and thread, made from non-fabric materials53
22990300Yarns and thread, made from non-fabric materials12
22990301Flax yarns and roving0
22990302Ramie yarn, thread, roving, and textiles11
22990303Thread: linen, hemp or ramie0
22990304Yarn, metallic, ceramic, or paper fibers9
22990305Yarn: flax, jute, hemp, and ramie1
22990306Yarns, specialty and novelty20
229904Textile mill waste and remnant processing93
22990400Textile mill waste and remnant processing45
22990401Fibers, textile: recovery from textile mill waste and rags27
22990402Flock (recovered textile fibers)5
22990403Garnetting of textile waste and rags5
22990404Recovering textile fibers from clippings and rags6
22990405Slubs and nubs1
22990407Wool waste processing4
229905Jute and flax textile products163
22990500Jute and flax textile products63
22990501Bagging, jute4
22990502Burlap, jute6
22990503Crash, linen2
22990504Linen fabrics66
22990506Roves, flax and jute0
22990507Towels and towelings, linen and linen-and-cotton mixtures19
22990508Webbing, jute2
229906Scouring and carbonizing of textile fibers16
22990600Scouring and carbonizing of textile fibers1
22990601Carbonized rags4
22990602Carbonizing of wool, mohair, and similar fibers1
22990603Preparing textile fibers for spinning (scouring and combing)5
22990604Scouring: wool, mohair, and similar fibers5
229907Tops and top processing, manmade or other fiber9
22990700Tops and top processing, manmade or other fiber3
22990702Tops, combing and converting2
22990703Tops, manmade fiber2
22990704Tow to top mills1
22990705Wool tops, combing and converting1
229999Textile goods, nec, nec145
22999901Broadwoven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie39
22999902Coir yarns and roving3
22999903Fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, ramie58
22999904Grease, wool3
22999905Hand woven fabrics14
22999906Hemp yarn, thread, roving, and textiles12
22999907Narrow woven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie6
22999910Rugbacking, jute or other fiber2