Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 22—Textile Mill Products

This major group includes establishments engaged in performing any of the following operations: (1) preparation of fiber and subsequent manufacturing of yarn, thread, braids, twine, and cordage; (2) manufacturing broadwoven fabrics, narrow woven fabrics, knit fabrics, and carpets and rugs from yarn; (3) dyeing and finishing fiber, yarn, fabrics, and knit apparel; (4) coating, waterproofing, or otherwise treating fabrics; (5) the integrated manufacture of knit apparel and other finished articles from yarn; and (6) the manufacture of felt goods, lace goods, non-woven fabrics, and miscellaneous textiles.

This classification makes no distinction between the two types of organizations which operate in the textile industry: (1) the integrated mill which purchases materials, produces textiles and related articles within the establishment, and sells the finished products; and (2) the contract or commission mill which processes materials owned by others. Converters or other nonmanufacturing establishments which assign materials to contract mills for processing, other than knitting, are classified in nonmanufacturing industries; establishments which assign yarns to outside contractors or commission knitters for the production of knit products are classified in Industry Group 225.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 221: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton
2211Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Cotton2,662
Industry Group 222: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber And Silk
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber and Silk789
Industry Group 223: Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (including Dyeing And Finishing)
2231Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Wool (Including Dyeing and Finishing)700
Industry Group 224: Narrow Fabric And Other Smallwares Mills, Cotton, Wool, Silk, And Manmade Fiber
2241Narrow Fabric and Other Smallware Mills: Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Manmade Fiber348
Industry Group 225: Knitting Mills
2251Women's Full-Length and Knee-Length Hosiery, Except Socks72
2252Hosiery, Not Elsewhere Classified558
2253Knit Outerwear Mills639
2254Knit Underwear and Nightwear Mills101
2257Weft Knit Fabric Mills44
2258Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills117
2259Knitting Mills, Not Elsewhere Classified88
Industry Group 226: Dyeing And Finishing Textiles, Except Wool Fabrics
2261Finishers of Broadwoven Fabrics of Cotton582
2262Finishers of Broadwoven Fabrics of Manmade Fiber and Silk254
2269Finishers of Textiles, Not elsewhere Classified140
Industry Group 227: Carpets And Rugs
2273Carpets and Rugs968
Industry Group 228: Yarn And Thread Mills
2281Yarn Spinning Mills257
2282Yarn Texturizing, Throwing, Twisting, and Winding Mills107
2284Thread Mills178
Industry Group 229: Miscellaneous Textile Goods
2295Coated Fabrics, Not Rubberized336
2296Tire Cord and Fabrics41
2297Non-woven Fabrics153
2298Cordage and Twine328
2299Textile goods, Not Elsewhere Classified848