SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2297—Non-woven Fabrics
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing non-woven fabrics (by bonding and/or interlocking of fibers) by mechanical, chemical, thermal or solvent means, or by combinations thereof. Establishments primarily engaged in producing woven felts are classified in Industry 2231; and those producing other felts are classified in Industry 2299.

Bonded-fiber fabrics, except feltRibbon, non-woven (yarn bonded by plastics)
Fabrics, bonded fiber: except feltSpunbonded fabrics
Fabrics, non-woven: except felts
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2297Nonwoven Fabrics185
229700Nonwoven fabrics161
22970000Nonwoven fabrics161
229799Nonwoven fabrics, nec24
22979901Bonded-fiber fabrics, except felt12
22979902Ribbon, nonwoven (yarn bonded by plastic)3
22979903Spunbonded fabrics9