SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2253—Knit Outerwear Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in knitting outerwear from yarn or in manufacturing outerwear from knit fabrics produced in the same establishment. Establishments primarily engaged in hand knitting outerwear for the trade are included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in knitting gloves and mittens are classified in Industry 2259, and those manufacturing outerwear from purchased knit fabrics are classified in Major Group 23.

Bathing suits—mitseNeckties—mitse
Bathrobes—mitsePants, outerwear—mitse
Body stockings—mitseShirts, outerwear—mitse
Collar and cuff sets—mitseSki suits—mitse
Dresses, hand-knitSkirts—mitse
Dyeing and finishing knit outerwear except hosiery, gloves, and nightwearSuits—mitse
Hats—mitseSweat bands—mitse
Headwear—mitseSweat pants—mitse
Housecoats—mitseSweat shirts—mitse
Jackets—mitseSweaters and sweater coats—mitse
Jerseys and sweaters—mitseTank tops—mitse
Jogging suits—mitseTies—mitse
Lounging robes—mitseWarmup and jogging suits—mitse
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2253Knit Outerwear Mills628
225300Knit outerwear mills81
22530000Knit outerwear mills81
225301Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear298
22530100Warm weather knit outerwear, including beachwear15
22530101Bathing suits and swimwear, knit58
22530102Beachwear, knit9
22530103T-shirts and tops, knit216
225302Cold weather knit outerwear including ski wear151
22530200Cold weather knit outerwear including ski wear7
22530201Hats and headwear, knit31
22530202Jackets, knit11
22530203Jerseys, knit12
22530204Scarves and mufflers, knit8
22530205Shawls, knit4
22530206Ski suits, knit6
22530207Sweaters and sweater coats, knit72
225303Lounge, bed, and leisurewear29
22530300Lounge, bed, and leisurewear22
22530301Bathrobes, knit1
22530303Housecoats, knit0
22530304Jogging and warm-up suits, knit5
22530305Leotards, knit1
22530306Lounging robes, knit0
225304Dresses and skirts24
22530400Dresses and skirts12
22530401Dresses, hand knit2
22530402Dresses, knit9
22530403Skirts, knit1
225305Blouses, shirts, pants, and suits33
22530500Blouses, shirts, pants, and suits6
22530501Basque shirts, knit2
22530502Blouses, knit1
22530503Body stockings, knit0
22530504Pants, slacks, or trousers, knit9
22530505Shirts(outerwear), knit15
22530506Suits, knit0
225399Knit outerwear mills, nec12
22539901Collar and cuff sets, knit3
22539902Dyeing and finishing knit outerwear, excl. hosiery and glove8
22539903Neckties, knit1
22539904Shoulderettes, knit0
22539905Wristlets, knit0