SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2254—Knit Underwear and Nightwear Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in knitting underwear and nightwear from yarn or in manufacturing underwear and nightwear from knit fabrics produced in the same establishment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing underwear and nightwear from purchased knit fabrics are classified in Major Group 23. Establishments primarily engaged in knitting robes are classified in Industry 2253.

Briefs, underwear—mitsePanties—mitse
Drawers, apparel—mitseShirts, underwear—mitse
Dyeing and finishing knit underwearShorts, underwear—mitse
Gowns, night—mitseSlips—mitse
Nightwear—mitseUnion suits—mitse
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2254Knit Underwear Mills102
225400Knit underwear mills18
22540000Knit underwear mills18
225401Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit62
22540100Shorts, shirts, slips, and panties (underwear): knit4
22540101Panties, knit2
22540102Shirts and T-shirts (underwear), knit53
22540103Shorts, briefs, drawers (underwear), knit3
22540105Step-ins, knit0
225499Knit underwear mills, nec22
22549901Dyeing and finishing knit underwear0
22549902Nightwear (nightgowns, negligees, pajamas), knit8
22549903Underwear, knit14