Industry: 2257—Weft Knit Fabric Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in knitting weft (circular) fabrics or in dyeing, or finishing weft (circular) knit fabrics.

Circular knit fabricsFabrics, weft knit
Cloth, circular knitJersey fabrics
Dyeing and finishing circular knit fabricsKnit fabrics, weft (circular): knitting, dyeing, or finishing
Dyeing and finishing weft knit fabricsPile fabrics, circular knit
Fabrics, circular knitWeft knit fabrics
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2257Weft Knit Fabric Mills48
225700Weft knit fabric mills0
22570000Weft knit fabric mills26
225799Weft knit fabric mills, nec0
22579901Dyeing and finishing circular knit fabrics10
22579902Jersey cloth4
22579903Pile fabrics, circular knit8