SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2241—Narrow Fabric and Other Smallware Mills: Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Manmade Fiber
Establishments primarily engaged in weaving or braiding narrow fabrics of cotton, wool, silks and manmade fibers, including glass fibers. These fabrics are generally 12 inches or less in width in their final form but may be made initially in wider widths that are specially constructed for cutting to narrower widths. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in producing fabric-covered elastic yarn or thread.

Apparel webbingLaces, corset and shoe: textile
Banding, spindleLacings—mitse
Beltings, woven or braidedNarrow woven fabrics: cotton, rayon wool, silk, glass, and man-made
Bindings, textile—mitseRibbons—mitse
Braids, textileRickrack braid
Braids, tubular nylon and plasticsRubber thread and yarns, fabric covered
Cords, fabricShoe laces, except leather
Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braidedSlide fastener tapes
Elastic webbingStrapping webs
Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plasticTapes, fabric
Fabrics, animal fiber: narrow wovenTextile mills, narrow woven fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and man-made
Fringes, weavingThread, elastic: fabric covered
Gimps—mitseTie tapes, woven or braided
Glass narrow fabricsTrimmings, textile—mitse
Glove lining fabricsVenetian blind tapes
Hat band fabricsWeaving mills, narrow fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and manmade fibers
Hose fabrics, tubularWebbing, woven: except jute
Insulating tapes and braids, electric, except plasticsWicking
Labels, wovenYarn, elastic: fabric covered
Lace, auto windZipper tape
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2241Narrow Fabric Mills351
224100Narrow fabric mills69
22410000Narrow fabric mills69
224101Lace and decorative trim, narrow fabric72
22410100Lace and decorative trim, narrow fabric2
22410101Fringes, woven2
22410102Hat band fabrics2
22410103Lace, auto wind1
22410104Laces, corset or shoe: textile1
22410105Lacings, textile3
22410106Ribbons, nec19
22410108Shoe laces, except leather8
22410109Trimmings, textile31
224102Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics29
22410200Rubber and elastic yarns and fabrics4
22410201Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braided14
22410202Elastic webbing1
22410203Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered6
22410204Thread, elastic: fabric covered1
22410205Yarns, elastic: fabric covered3
224103Fabric tapes28
22410300Fabric tapes16
22410301Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plastic6
22410302Slide fastener tapes2
22410303Tie tapes, woven or braided3
22410304Venetian blind tapes0
22410305Zipper tape1
224104Webbing, braids and belting100
22410400Webbing, braids and belting9
22410401Apparel webbing15
22410402Beltings, woven or braided1
22410403Bindings, textile17
22410404Braids, textile23
22410405Braids, tubular nylon or plastic5
22410407Spindle banding4
22410408Strapping webs11
22410409Webbing, woven15
224199Narrow fabric mills, nec53
22419901Cords, fabric4
22419902Cotton narrow fabrics5
22419903Fabric, animal fiber: narrow woven2
22419904Glass narrow fabrics2
22419905Glove lining fabrics2
22419906Hose fabric, tubular5
22419907Labels, woven22
22419908Manmade fiber narrow woven fabrics7
22419909Rayon narrow fabrics0
22419910Silk narrow fabrics3
22419911Wool narrow woven goods1