SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2298—Cordage and Twine
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rope, cable, cordage, twine, and related products from abaca (Manila), sisal, henequen, hemp, cotton, paper, jute, flax, manmade fibers including glass, and other fibers.

Binder and baler twineHard fiber cordage and twine
Blasting mats, ropeInsulator pads, cordage
Cable, fiberNets, rope
Camouflage nets, not made in weaving millsRope, except asbestos and wire
Cargo nets (cordage)Slings, rope
Cord, braidedSoft fiber cordage and twine
Cordage: abaca (Manila), sisal, henequen, hemp, jute, and otherTrawl twine
Fish nets and seines, made in cordage or twine millsTwine
Fishing lines, nets, seines: made in cordage or twine millsWire rope centers
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2298Cordage and Twine323
229800Cordage and twine54
22980000Cordage and twine54
229801Ropes and fiber cables129
22980100Ropes and fiber cables41
22980101Blasting mats, rope2
22980102Cable, fiber60
22980103Rope, except asbestos and wire26
229802Twine, cord and cordage44
22980200Twine, cord and cordage10
22980201Binder and baler twine7
22980202Cord, braided4
22980203Cordage: abaca, sisal, henequen, hemp, jute, or other fiber11
22980204Hard fiber cordage and twine3
22980205Soft fiber cordage and twine1
22980206Trawl twine1
22980207Twine, nec7
229803Nets, seines, slings and insulator pads65
22980300Nets, seines, slings and insulator pads4
22980301Camouflage nets, not made in weaving mills1
22980302Cargo nets18
22980303Fishing lines, nets, seines: made in cordage or twine mills20
22980304Insulator pads, cordage4
22980305Nets, rope5
22980306Slings, rope13
229899Cordage and twine, nec31
22989901Wire rope centers31