SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2258—Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in knitting, dyeing, or finishing warp (flat) knit fabrics, or in manufacturing, dyeing, or finishing lace goods.

Bed sets, laceKnit fabrics, warp: knitting, dyeing, or finishing
Cloth, warp knit—mitseLace goods: curtains, bedspreads, table covers, flouncings, and insertions
Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and tableLace, knit
Curtains and curtain fabrics, laceLaces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham
Dyeing and finishing lace goodsMosquito netting, warp knit—mitse
Dyeing and finishing warp knit fabricsNetting made on a lace or net machine
Edgings, laceNetting, knit—mitse
Fabrics, warp knit—mitsePile fabrics, warp knit
Finishing of warp knit fabricsTricot fabrics
Galloons, laceWarp (flat) knit fabrics
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2258Lace and Warp Knit Fabric Mills120
225800Lace and warp knit fabric mills25
22580000Lace and warp knit fabric mills25
225801Lace and lace products34
22580100Lace and lace products11
22580101Bed sets, lace0
22580102Bedspreads, lace: made on lace machines1
22580103Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and table8
22580104Curtains and curtain fabrics, lace7
22580105Edgings, lace0
22580107Lace, knit, nec7
22580108Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham0
225802Warp and flat knit products32
22580200Warp and flat knit products11
22580201Cloth, warp knit10
22580202Fabric finishing, warp knit8
22580203Pile fabrics, warp or flat knit1
22580204Tricot fabrics2
225803Net and netting products19
22580300Net and netting products17
22580301Mosquito netting, warp knit1
22580303Netting, knit1
225899Lace and warp knit fabric mills, nec10
22589901Dyeing and finishing lace goods and warp knit fabric10