SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2221—Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade Fiber and Silk
Establishments primarily engaged in weaving fabrics more than 12 inches (30.48 centimeters) in width, wholly or chiefly by weight of silk and manmade fibers including glass. Establishments primarily engaged in weaving or tufting carpets and rugs from these fibers are classified in Industry 2273; those manufacturing tire cord and fabrics are classified in Industry 2296; and those engaged in finishing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven goods are classified in Industry 2262.

Acetate broadwoven fabricsPile fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Acrylic broadwoven fabricsPlushes, manmade fiber and silk
Automotive fabrics, manmade fiberPolyester broadwoven fabrics
Bedspreads, silk and manmade fiber—mitsePolyethylene broadwoven fabrics
Blanketings, manmade fiberPolypropylene broadwoven fabrics
Canton crepesPongee, manmade fiber and silk
Comforters, manmade fiber—mitsePoplin, manmade fiber
Crepe satinsQuilts, manmade fiber and silk—mitse
Draperies and drapery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk—mitseRayon broadwoven fabrics
Dress fabrics, manmade fiber and silkSaran broadwoven fabrics
Duvetyn, manmade fiber and silkSatins
Elastic fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: more than 12 inches in widthSerges, manmade fiber
FaillesShantungs, manmade fiber and silk
Fiberglass fabricsShirting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Flat crepesSilk broadwoven fabrics
French crepesSlipcover fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Fur-type fabrics, manmade fiberSpandex broadwoven fabrics
GeorgettesSuiting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Glass broadwoven fabricsTaffetas
Jacquard woven Fabrics, manmade fiber and silkTapestry fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Leno fabrics, manmade fiber and silkTextile mills, broadwoven: silk, and manmade fiber including glass
Lining fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: except glove lining fabricsTextile warping, on a contract basis
Linings, rayon or silk—mitseTwills, manmade fiber
Marquisettes, manmade fiberTypewriter ribbon cloth, manmade fiber
Modacrylic broadwoven fabricsUnderwear fabrics, except knit: manmade fiber and silk
Necktie fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: broadwovenUpholstery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk
Nylon broadwoven fabricsVelvets, manmade fiber and silk
Nytril broadwoven fabricsVinal broadwoven fabrics
Paper broadwoven fabricsVinyon broadwoven fabrics
Parachute fabricsVoiles, manmade fiber and silk
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2221Broadwoven Fabric Mills, Manmade828
222100Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade134
22210000Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade134
222101Bedding, manmade or silk fabric70
22210100Bedding, manmade or silk fabric17
22210101Bedspreads, silk and manmade fiber3
22210102Blanketings, manmade fiber2
22210103Comforters and quilts, manmade fiber and silk48
222102Apparel and outerwear fabric, manmade fiber or silk105
22210200Apparel and outerwear fabric, manmade fiber or silk91
22210201Dress fabrics, manmade fiber and silk5
22210202Necktie fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: broadwoven1
22210203Shirting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk4
22210204Suiting fabrics, manmade fiber and silk0
22210205Underwear fabrics, manmade fiber and silk4
222103Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes92
22210300Silks, satins, taffetas and crepes6
22210301Canton crepes1
22210304French crepes3
22210308Silk broadwoven fabrics6
222104Manmade and synthetic broadwoven fabrics83
22210400Manmade and synthetic broadwoven fabrics18
22210401Acetate broadwoven fabrics5
22210402Acrylic broadwoven fabrics12
22210404Nylon broadwoven fabrics19
22210406Polyester broadwoven fabrics10
22210407Polyethylene broadwoven fabrics2
22210408Polypropylene broadwoven fabrics13
22210409Rayon broadwoven fabrics0
22210411Spandex broadwoven fabrics1
22210412Vinal broadwoven fabrics3
222105Glass and fiberglass broadwoven fabrics140
22210500Glass and fiberglass broadwoven fabrics19
22210501Fiberglass fabrics112
22210502Glass broadwoven fabrics9
222106Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics91
22210600Upholstery, tapestry, and wall covering fabrics20
22210601Automotive fabrics, manmade fiber15
22210602Draperies and drapery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk22
22210603Slip cover fabrics, manmade fiber and silk4
22210604Tapestry fabrics, manmade fiber and silk2
22210605Upholstery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk12
22210606Wall covering fabrics, manmade fiber and silk16
222107Ribbed broadwoven fabrics1
22210702Poplin, manmade fiber0
22210703Serges, manmade fiber0
22210704Twills, manmade fiber0
222108Plushes and piles, broadwoven fabrics7
22210801Duvetyn, manmade fiber and silk0
22210802Pile fabrics, manmade fiber and silk4
22210803Plushes, manmade fiber and silk1
22210804Velvets, manmade fiber and silk2
222109Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves32
22210900Specialty broadwoven fabrics, including twisted weaves12
22210901Elastic fabrics, manmade fiber and silk3
22210902Fur-type fabrics, manmade fiber1
22210903Jacquard woven fabrics, manmade fiber and silk1
22210904Leno fabrics, manmade fiber and silk0
22210905Paper broadwoven fabrics9
22210906Parachute fabrics5
22210908Typewriter ribbon cloth, manmade fiber1
222199Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade, nec73
22219901Lining fabrics, manmade fiber and silk3
22219902Linings, rayon or silk1
22219903Marquisettes, manmade fiber1
22219904Textile mills, broadwoven: silk and manmade, also glass56
22219905Textile warping, on a contract basis12