Direct Mail Magic – Works Every Time

Direct Mail Marketing, despite the growing popularity of online marketing,  is still a major cornerstone in any marketing plan. A ton of effort goes into properly researching your target market, adding valuable data points to those lists, and finally  segmenting your lists for strategic targeted marketing. But once you’ve done all of that, how do … Read more

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Escaping Email Marketing Embarrassment

You may have noticed, and we certainly have, that the internet age is no longer teen-age. A high-energy 23 year old, the internet has made its way into how everyone does business, from the large international firms to the Mom & Pops on Main. NAICS Association has a long history working with marketers from every … Read more

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Malware Issue Eradicated

We at NAICS Association want to send a Shout Out to everyone who assisted us in identifying and eliminating the malicious malware that plagued our site in September and October. Dozens of IT professionals reached out and helped us identify the problem, and for that we are eternally grateful.   A special thanks to Brian Curtis, … Read more

New US Business Directory Lookup Tool

NAICS Association has now added a new tool to it’s of User-Friendly Data Enhancement toolbox.  Identify Firmagraphic information on any of over 19 Million US Businesses with the push of a button in Real Time.  Our New US Business Directory Lookup Tool is now available for immediate use. That’s right.  If you need to identify … Read more

Data Analysts Desperately Wanted: An Economy in Flux

Who says there aren’t any jobs in this market? Well, pretty much everyone who isn’t a data analyst. In our post, The “Big Data” Revolution, we brought up the fact that 58% of big data projects by companies last year have remained incomplete. One of the most glaring reasons for this: no one knows what … Read more

The Big Data Revolution

Picture of a hand covered with lots of words like Data, Revolution, Zetabytes, etc.

“Revolution” is a term heard all too often in internet blog sources. It’s a PR catch-phrase that continues to be stretched to the most mundane of introductory services and ideas – 99% of which could hardly be categorized as revolutionary. Very few concepts qualify. That is why it is so important to note that BIG … Read more

Big Data in Narrow Silos. Is Data Integrity at Risk?

How wonderful it is, in our technologically advanced society, that we can now integrate data across various platforms and applications! That is- until we have to reconcile conflicting information. Is the latest entry the most accurate? Has the same customer been entered into the system twice with slight name variations? According to AmericanBanker.Com, banks plan … Read more

Is Bad Data Busting Your Business Goals?

This is Not Your Father’s Economy Remember the good old days? Work hard. Produce better products. Earn a Living. Back before the technological boom, about the only data a producer needed was “where should I send your widget?” Today’s Economy is in the Business of Information. Small to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) now have access to … Read more

More Powerful tools than Ever Before to Identify NAICS Codes

With over 73,000,000 page views per year, NAICS Association has just improved the Web’s Most Popular Private Resource to Identify NAICS Codes & SIC Codes and Descriptions. Getting Better all the time! NAICS Codes are numbers that indicate your primary line of business. The code merely describes your revenue-producing business activity and is shared by all businesses with … Read more

6 Steps to Cloning Your Best Customers for B2B Marketing Success

Cloning Your Best Customers Any Sales Manager worth their salt knows that while all customers and prospects are important, they are not all of equal value. In the rapid-fire world of customer acquisition, at the end of the day, we all wish we had an endless stream of high-value prospects. So doesn’t it make sense to target those … Read more

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