Direct Mail Magic – Works Every Time

Direct Mail Marketing, despite the growing popularity of online marketing,  is still a major cornerstone in any marketing plan. A ton of effort goes into properly researching your target market, adding valuable data points to those lists, and finally  segmenting your lists for strategic targeted marketing.

But once you’ve done all of that, how do you get the recipients to open the mailer in the first place?

PercentBallEmail-300x225► LUMPY MAIL

Did you know that mailers containing 3 dimensional objects or “lumps” have a near 100% Open Rate?  NEARLY 100%!

Understand, here at NAICS Association, we don’t have an affiliation with any printers or promotional items companies. We’re the guys who help you get the lists, improve the lists, and segment the lists for success.

That doesn’t mean we don’t benefit from you having a higher success rate with your marketing campaigns. We want our clients to have the highest success rates – every time.

If you have been sticking to traditional flat postcard mailers, flat brochures, flat coupons  and keep getting a flat response- it may be time to bolster your strategy for 2015.


  • Mail your message in a non-traditional container.
  • Include a small promotional item such as a pen, a keychain… anything that will add a little dimension to your mailer
  • Use Pop-Up postcards

It’s a simple concept with a billion possibilities.

Lumpy Mail Ideas