NAICS Association to Develop Live Access to Business Insights on Over 19 Million Companies Nationwide

Having recently introduced a number of new features and tools for companies seeking accurate business data, NAICS Association will soon be expanding their offerings even further to include and API or high-volume user interface for companies with extensive business look-up needs.

Recent changes to the NAICS Association website have stirred up a lot of excitement in the business data world. Many new features have rolled out, such as the ability to perform a single company look-up directly from the webpage without paying for a costly company credit report. These changes have been met with positive feedback and a demand for more.

“More companies than ever before are seeking more accurate business data, more often. Data cleansing and insights are no longer a once yearly or quarterly effort. Companies want the most up-to-date, accurate and consistent data, right from the gate,” says NAICS Executive Mitch Feldman.

With this desire has come a demand for live access to data in the form of an application programming interface, or API.

Companies in the digital age are making intelligent and informed business decisions with the help of actionable insights available in databases such as those at NAICS.Com. An API would allow them to access business data through the NAICS Association in real-time, without having to perform single company look-ups.

NAICS Association is communicating with programmers and decision makers in the companies most eager to tap into this live stream of data to formulate the best possible interface for their clients. Business Data APIs are an emerging technology, and NAICS seeks to offer the most innovative and accessible platform possible.


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