Email Marketers have been around longer than all of the other internet marketers now. We’ve learned to track email opens, conversions. We’ve learned about email frequency- how often and when to deliver emails. All of this has led to tremendous results for email. Yet many email marketers are still missing out on one of the best proven email strategies around.

i-hate-spamDespite the general public opinion of email marketing, consumers are still an estimated 6 times more likely to respond to directly from emails than they are from social media when making a purchase. This may be why email marketers are forgetting to implement proven social strategies in their email marketing campaigns.

Create Email Content that is Social –Sharable

Did you know that almost two out of three adults are on at least one social network and that 71% of those are more likely to make purchases based on social proof and social referrals? Consumers trust other consumers more than they trust brands.

We know that creating really effective email campaigns works, yet we never reach beyond the inbox. By creating content that is sharable, relevant, relatable – and more importantly, easy to share and mobile friendly, we can expand our audience beyond the email list, to our customers’ connections and friends.

Look at your latest email blasts. Is the content worth sharing? Are social sharing icons prevalent and easy to use? Are the images self-explanatory and appealing?

Don’t miss out on an expanded audience. Social can be conquered even by email purists–without much extra effort.