Four Reasons Everyone is Flocking to the NAICS Company Lookup Tool for Actionable Business Data.

1.      Difficult to Obtain Information is now Easy to Access and Priced to Sell

With Access to a database of over 19 Million US Business Locations, you can obtain NAICS and SIC Information, DUNS Numbers, Company Size Information, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Contact Names, Lat/Long and More in just seconds!  Where once you would have to purchase an expensive company credit report or subscription to obtain these vital data points, now you can purchase the data you need to keep your client information accurate and up to date with vital, actionable data.

2.      Three Easy Ways to Search

The First way is to look up via Phone or DUNS number. The Second allows for searching by Company Name and Zip Code, and with the Third tool you search by Company Name and Full Address. This ensures that whatever level of data you’ve collected on your clients, you should be able to access accurate and timely Firmographic info to maintain your database integrity.

3.      Built to Save Money

This Company Lookup Tool is tailored for customers who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a subscription tool to access the info they may need on a single company.  This pay-as-you-go tool bypasses the need for large expenditures and cuts right to the heart of what our customers need; Single or Miltiple-Use Manual Lookups to augment their ongoing Data Hygiene efforts.

4.      US Company Lookup Tool Subscribers Save Significantly

If you have multiple locations or a number of Users needing regular, instant access to Company Information this should be the ideal tool for you.  Subscribe to obtain a password and give access to all interested parties.  When you run out of lookups just Refill the Meter and continue the flow.  It’s that easy, and even better…subscriptions never expire! Save as much as 80% on your investment by purchasing in Bulk, it’s that Simple!