Market Research References & Tools

A Guide to the Best Free Online Market Research Tools:

DIG DEEPER – Free Resources to Provide a Full Picture of Your Business Data and Market Segments

NAICS & SIC Identification Tools

Use the NAICS Association’s NAICS Lookup, SIC Industry Drill Down Tables, NAICS to SIC and SIC to NAICS Crosswalks to Identify the Industries & Related Industries for Your Target Markets and Ideal Customers.

Market Analysis Profiles

NAICS Association offers Market Analysis Profiles customizable by Geography, Size Ranges and, of course, by NAICS Codes. is designed to be the executive’s interface to the Internet. Much of the information that executives need is available on the Internet. CEOExpress takes all that information, and by employing expert human editors and “mind ergonomics,” pares it down to the 20% that is most critical and useful. That information is delivered to the user’s desktop in a clear, easy-to-use format.

A Compilation of Tools from the SBA

The SBA is always adding new tools and information for business owners. Take a look around!

American Fact Finder

With the American Fact Finder, Available Free from the US Census Bureau, you can research popular facts and estimates such as population totals and income, demographic, social, economic, housing and business information available by state, county, city, town or zip code.

Using the American Fact Finder Advanced Search option allows you to use text/keyword searches or pre-defined topics, geographies, race.ethnic groups, industry codes or EEO occupation codes to research subjects such as age, ancestry, industries, or equal employment opportunity occupations information.


This service provides access to a full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government. Search data held within over 100 Federal Agencies that provide data and trend information on topics such as economic and population trends, crime, education, healthcare, energy use, farm production and more.

Economic Indicator Reports

The Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA) releases 12 monthly and quarterly Principal Federal Economic Indicators collected by its constituent bureaus: the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). These reports include Advance Monthly Retail Sales, Construction Spending, Current Account Balance (also known as the “current account deficit,”) Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Manufacturing and Trade Inventories and Sales, New Home Sales, New Residential Construction, Personal Income and Spending, U.S. Trade Balance and Wholesale Trade.

USPS Zip Code Finder

Determine Zip Codes by Address Indicators or find all of the Zip Codes within a City and State.

Census Bureau QuickFacts

Quickly Identify Common Statistical Data Points for All States, Counties, and for Cities and Towns with more than 5,000 People.

Zoom Prospector

Zoom is a Robust Tool that Allows Companies to Identify Ideal Location Opportunities for Start-Up, Relocation or Expansion. Search Properties, Communities, Site Selection Experts, and Economic Developers.

(2017) Small Business Profiles for States and Territories (SBA)

Find data on small businesses by state or territory including the number of firms, demographics of the business owners, income for small businesses, banking, turnover, industry composition, employment gains and losses etc.

The state and territory profiles are in Adobe PDF format. An Excel spreadsheet containing all of the data in the profiles is also available.