Malware Issue Eradicated

safe website We at NAICS Association want to send a Shout Out to everyone who assisted us in identifying and eliminating the malicious malware that plagued our site in September and October.

Dozens of IT professionals reached out and helped us identify the problem, and for that we are eternally grateful.   A special thanks to Brian Curtis, Jillian Pierone, Cooper Marotta and Mike Pierone for containing and eradicating the threat and essentially rebuilding the entire website on the fly.  We can now report that our site is completely malware free, no small achievement that!

Folks – be careful who you trust with the keys to your website!  Sadly we trusted a web design firm to update our site and discovered too late the potentially catastrophic results of handing over such power to incompetents.  They left us exposed and we were subsequently exploited.  Once exploited eliminating Malicious Malware is unbelievably difficult.  However, with the help of a crack team of Programmers and Web Design Professionals we were finally able to put it in the rearview mirror.  Kudos to everyone for their assistance.