More Powerful tools than Ever Before to Identify NAICS Codes

With over 73,000,000 page views per year, NAICS Association has just improved the Web’s Most Popular Private Resource to Identify NAICS Codes & SIC Codes and Descriptions. Getting Better all the time!

NAICS Codes are numbers that indicate your primary line of business. The code merely describes your revenue-producing business activity and is shared by all businesses with the same line of business.
The SIC Code is a federally retired classification system that serves the same function as the NAICS Code.  It is still used by many marketing and sales professionals to define their target markets and in some cases may even be required for compliance within certain states that have yet to fully adopt the NAICS Coding system.

The NAICS Association now offers 5 easy-to-use tools to Identify NAICS Codes & SIC Codes. We have updated and improved our tried and true visitor-favorites including the Free NAICS Code Lookup Tool, the NAICS & SIC Industry Drill Down Tables with full Code Descriptions, the NAICS to SIC Crosswalk tools, and have added the data industry’s first online Real-Time US Company Lookup Tool for immediate access to Complete Marketing Records including NAICS Codes from the D&B Business Listing Database.

The FREE NAICS Code Lookup Tool:

The easiest available resource for NAICS Code determination now has improved search capabilities including the ability to search by both keyword and title, as well as by NAICS Code, to find the full description. Additional search bars and navigational features have been added to the tool to provide the user with a smooth experience whether you are researching one code, or building targeted marketing lists across a variety of related codes.

The NAICS & SIC Code Drill Down Tables:

Allowing you to find your NAICS or SIC Code by Industry, the NAICS & SIC Drill Down Tables are an excellent tool for those who are interested in researching all subsectors within one industry, i.e. Retail, Manufacturing or Wholesale, especially for use in targeted marketing efforts. These tools have both been improved to include a higher level of navigation and information. As a bonus to our visitors, we have added the industry size counts to each of the NAICS categories and SIC categories along the right hand side of the table, updated monthly for accuracy.

The NAICS &  SIC Crosswalk:

Do you know your NAICS Code but are not sure what the corresponding SIC Code is? Or Vice-Versa? Once broken up into two separate tools, the NAICS & SIC Crosswalks have merged into one powerful tool that allows you to Cross-Reference between NAICS & SIC Codes.

The US Company Lookup Tool:

There is no hiding the fact that the NAICS and SIC coding systems are often vague or ambiguous. For the First Time Available Online, you can now determine your codes as they are listed within the largest and most trusted database of business information in the world. For a small one-time fee or a metered subscription, you can now see the Complete Marketing Records, including NAICS & SIC Codes, for any and all D&B listed companies without the purchase of an expensive company-credit report.

What if I still can’t find my code?

A rare case as it may be, you may find yourself continuing to have difficulty determining your codes. We have provided extensive keyword search tips for your convenience. Please, do not call the NAICS Association to determine your codes.  If the provided methods fail, please contact the Census Bureau, as they are the ultimate authority in this matter and would be happy to be of assistance.