Every B2B Company Should be Acquiring Client DUNS Numbers

Every B2B Company Should be Acquiring Client DUNS Numbers If you own or operate a Business to Business Company, you should be acquiring DUNS Numbers from your clients whenever possible. Did you know that Over 95% of Businesses have Outdated or Incorrect Client Data on file? In fact, about 25% of your customer data is … Read more

Why Data Enhancement Means More to Businesses in 2017

Big Data Enhancement – More Relevant Than Ever in 2017 Fast-Moving Means Constantly Updating Welcome to the New Millennium!  The world indeed is spinning faster and faster with each passing day. Technology and Connectivity now surpass anything that we could have foreseen. Indeed, the world has changed so quickly that we’ve lacked the technology to keep track of those changes… Until … Read more

Big Data in Narrow Silos. Is Data Integrity at Risk?

How wonderful it is, in our technologically advanced society, that we can now integrate data across various platforms and applications! That is- until we have to reconcile conflicting information. Is the latest entry the most accurate? Has the same customer been entered into the system twice with slight name variations? According to AmericanBanker.Com, banks plan … Read more