25 - Furniture and Fixtures
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
25Furniture and Fixtures13,151
2511Wood Household Furniture2,864
251100Wood household furniture2,024
25110000Wood household furniture2,024
251101Wood bedroom furniture140
25110100Wood bedroom furniture73
25110101Bed frames, except water bed frames: wood40
25110102Bedside stands: wood0
25110103Chiffoniers and chifforobes0
25110105Dressers, household: wood4
25110106Dressing tables: wood1
25110107Headboards: wood6
25110108Vanity dressers: wood3
25110109Wardrobes, household: wood5
25110110Waterbed frames: wood4
251102Kitchen and dining room furniture225
25110200Kitchen and dining room furniture68
25110201Breakfast sets (furniture): wood0
25110202Buffets (furniture)5
25110203Chairs, household, except upholstered: wood53
25110204Chairs, Bentwood3
25110205China closets25
25110206Dining room furniture: wood21
25110207Silverware chests: wood1
25110208Stools, household: wood4
25110209Tables, household: wood45
251103Children's wood furniture67
25110300Children's wood furniture42
25110301Cradles: wood1
25110302Cribs: wood2
25110303High chairs, children's: wood2
25110304Juvenile furniture: wood12
25110305Nursery furniture: wood2
25110306Play pens, children's: wood6
251104Wood game room furniture16
25110400Wood game room furniture10
25110401Bridge sets (furniture): wood0
25110402Club room furniture: wood6
251105Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks28
25110500Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks5
25110501Bookcases, household: wood11
25110502Desks, household: wood7
25110503Magazine racks: wood2
25110504Racks, book and magazine: wood3
25110505Secretaries, household: wood0
251106Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands135
25110600Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands5
25110601Cedar chests21
25110602Console tables: wood10
25110603Smoking stands: wood0
25110604Stands, household, nec: wood5
25110605Storage chests, household: wood93
25110606Tea wagons: wood1
25110607Telephone stands: wood0
251107Wood lawn and garden furniture131
25110700Wood lawn and garden furniture55
25110701Garden furniture: wood13
25110702Lawn furniture: wood50
25110703Porch furniture and swings: wood13
251199Wood household furniture, nec98
25119901Camp furniture: wood9
25119902Coffee tables: wood4
25119903Cots, household: wood0
25119904End tables: wood2
25119905Novelty furniture: wood21
25119906Rockers, except upholstered: wood7
25119907Screens, privacy: wood9
25119908Unassembled or unfinished furniture, household: wood28
25119909Whatnot shelves: wood18
2512Upholstered Household Furniture863
251200Upholstered household furniture628
25120000Upholstered household furniture628
251201Wood upholstered chairs and couches138
25120100Wood upholstered chairs and couches26
25120101Chairs: upholstered on wood frames55
25120102Couches, sofas, and davenports: upholstered on wood frames46
25120103Recliners: upholstered on wood frames7
25120104Rockers: upholstered on wood frames4
251299Upholstered household furniture, nec97
25129901Juvenile furniture: upholstered on wood frames8
25129902Living room furniture: upholstered on wood frames89
2514Metal Household Furniture428
251400Metal household furniture143
25140000Metal household furniture143
251401Metal bedroom furniture37
25140100Metal bedroom furniture7
25140101Beds, including folding and cabinet, household: metal16
25140102Frames for box springs or bedsprings: metal14
251402Metal kitchen and dining room furniture88
25140200Metal kitchen and dining room furniture15
25140201Breakfast sets, household: metal1
25140202Chairs, household: metal9
25140203Dinette sets: metal2
25140204Kitchen cabinets: metal46
25140205Stools, household, padded or plain: metal2
25140206Tables, household: metal13
251403Metal children's furniture11
25140301Cribs: metal5
25140302Juvenile furniture, household: metal4
25140303Nursery furniture: metal2
251404Metal game room furniture5
25140400Metal game room furniture1
25140401Bridge sets (furniture): metal0
25140402Club room furniture, household: metal4
251405Metal bookcases and stereo cabinets16
25140500Metal bookcases and stereo cabinets5
25140501Bookcases, household: metal0
25140502Cabinets, radio and television: metal11
251406Metal lawn and garden furniture65
25140600Metal lawn and garden furniture32
25140601Garden furniture, metal16
25140602Gliders (furniture), padded or plain: metal3
25140603Hammocks: metal or fabric and metal combination3
25140604Lawn furniture: metal11
25140605Porch swings: metal0
251499Metal household furniture, nec63
25149901Backs and seats for metal household furniture4
25149902Camp furniture: metal2
25149903Cots, household: metal1
25149904Household furniture: upholstered on metal frames22
25149905Medicine cabinets and vanities: metal15
25149906Novelty furniture, household: metal9
25149907Serving carts and tea wagons: metal9
25149908Smoking stands: metal1
2515Mattresses and Bedsprings722
251500Mattresses and bedsprings242
25150000Mattresses and bedsprings242
251501Mattresses and foundations374
25150100Mattresses and foundations131
25150101Foundations and platforms41
25150102Mattresses, containing felt, foam rubber, urethane, etc.79
25150103Mattresses, innerspring or box spring121
25150104Mattresses, waterbed flotation2
251502Furniture springs58
25150200Furniture springs2
25150201Bedsprings, assembled12
25150202Box springs, assembled34
25150203Chair and couch springs, assembled5
25150204Cot springs, assembled0
25150205Spring cushions5
251503Sleep furniture48
25150300Sleep furniture23
25150301Chair beds3
25150302Sofa beds (convertible sofas)7
25150303Studio couches15
2517Wood Television and Radio Cabinets104
251700Wood television and radio cabinets36
25170000Wood television and radio cabinets36
251799Wood television and radio cabinets, nec68
25179901Home entertainment unit cabinets, wood48
25179902Radio cabinets and cases, wood1
25179903Sewing machine cabinets and cases, wood6
25179904Stereo cabinets, wood8
25179905Television cabinets, wood5
2519Household Furniture, Nec483
251900Household furniture, nec112
25190000Household furniture, nec112
251901Lawn and garden furniture, except wood and metal85
25190100Lawn and garden furniture, except wood and metal62
25190101Garden furniture, except wood, metal, stone, or concrete12
25190102Lawn furniture, except wood, metal, stone, or concrete11
251902Wicker and rattan furniture26
25190200Wicker and rattan furniture8
25190201Cane chairs5
25190202Juvenile furniture, rattan or reed: padded or plain1
25190203Malacca furniture: padded or plain0
25190204Rattan furniture: padded or plain4
25190206Wicker furniture: padded or plain8
251903Fiberglass and plastic furniture135
25190300Fiberglass and plastic furniture30
25190301Fiberglass furniture, household: padded or plain15
25190302Furniture, household: glass, fiberglass, and plastic82
25190303Radio cabinets, plastic3
25190304Television cabinets, plastic5
251999Household furniture, nec, nec125
25199901Household furniture, except wood or metal: upholstered119
25199902Bean bag chairs6
2521Wood Office Furniture902
252100Wood office furniture486
25210000Wood office furniture486
252101Wood office chairs, benches and stools58
25210100Wood office chairs, benches and stools22
25210101Benches, office: wood9
25210102Chairs, office: padded, upholstered, or plain: wood27
25210103Stools, office: wood0
252102Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases294
25210200Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases28
25210201Bookcases, office: wood10
25210202Cabinets, office: wood248
25210203Filing cabinets (boxes), office: wood8
252103Wood office desks and tables44
25210300Wood office desks and tables13
25210301Desks, office: wood15
25210302Tables, office: wood16
252199Wood office furniture, nec20
25219901Panel systems and partitions (free-standing), office: wood20
2522Office Furniture, Except Wood560
252200Office furniture, except wood356
25220000Office furniture, except wood356
252201Office chairs, benches, and stools, except wood58
25220100Office chairs, benches, and stools, except wood19
25220101Benches, office: except wood5
25220102Chairs, office: padded or plain: except wood33
25220103Stools, office: except wood1
252202Office bookcases, wallcases and partitions, except wood36
25220200Office bookcases, wallcases and partitions, except wood4
25220201Bookcases, office: except wood0
25220202Panel systems and partitions, office: except wood29
25220203Wallcases, office: except wood3
252203Office cabinets and filing drawers, except wood68
25220300Office cabinets and filing drawers, except wood18
25220301Cabinets, office: except wood40
25220302File drawer frames: except wood1
25220303Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: except wood9
252204Office desks and tables, except wood42
25220400Office desks and tables, except wood22
25220401Desks, office: except wood11
25220402Tables, office: except wood9
2531Public Building and Related Furniture867
253100Public building and related furniture207
25310000Public building and related furniture207
253101School furniture55
25310100School furniture50
25310101Blackboards, wood5
253102Church furniture70
25310200Church furniture54
25310201Altars and pulpits2
25310202Communion tables, wood1
25310203Pews, church13
253103Vehicle furniture270
25310300Vehicle furniture27
25310301Cabs, for off-highway trucks5
25310302Seats, aircraft40
25310303Seats, automobile194
25310304Seats, railroad4
253104Stadium furniture79
25310400Stadium furniture10
25310401Bleacher seating, portable19
25310402Stadium seating50
253199Public building and related furniture, nec186
25319901Assembly hall furniture11
25319902Benches for public buildings18
25319903Chairs, portable folding21
25319904Chairs, table and arm21
25319905Library furniture12
25319906Seats, miscellaneous public conveyances16
25319907Theater furniture35
25319908Picnic tables or benches, park52
2541Wood Partitions and Fixtures1,847
254100Wood partitions and fixtures224
25410000Wood partitions and fixtures224
254101Store and office display cases and fixtures468
25410100Store and office display cases and fixtures162
25410101Bar fixtures, wood7
25410102Display fixtures, wood128
25410103Garment racks, wood3
25410104Office fixtures, wood20
25410105Showcases, except refrigerated: wood15
25410106Store fixtures, wood129
25410107Store fronts, prefabricated: wood4
254102Cabinets, lockers, and shelving494
25410200Cabinets, lockers, and shelving161
25410201Cabinets, except refrigerated: show, display, etc.: wood311
25410202Lockers, except refrigerated: wood7
25410203Shelving, office and store, wood15
254103Counter and sink tops638
25410300Counter and sink tops405
25410301Counters or counter display cases, wood73
25410302Drainboards, plastic laminated2
25410303Sink tops, plastic laminated13
25410304Table or counter tops, plastic laminated145
254199Wood partitions and fixtures, nec23
25419901Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: wood10
25419902Pedestals and statuary, wood4
25419903Telephone booths, wood4
25419904Window backs, store or lunchroom, prefabricated: wood5
2542Partitions and Fixtures, Except Wood852
254200Partitions and fixtures, except wood144
25420000Partitions and fixtures, except wood144
254201Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products93
25420100Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products45
25420101Carrier cases and tables, mail: except wood8
25420102Locker boxes, postal service: except wood12
25420103Lockers (not refrigerated): except wood12
25420104Mail racks and lock boxes, postal service: except wood16
254202Office and store showcases and display fixtures529
25420200Office and store showcases and display fixtures74
25420201Bar fixtures, except wood9
25420202Cabinets: show, display, or storage: except wood130
25420203Counters or counter display cases, except wood64
25420204Fixtures, office: except wood12
25420205Fixtures, store: except wood55
25420206Fixtures: display, office, or store: except wood52
25420207Garment racks, except wood5
25420209Racks, merchandise display or storage: except wood99
25420210Showcases (not refrigerated): except wood8
25420211Stands, merchandise display: except wood21
254299Partitions and fixtures, except wood, nec86
25429901Pallet racks: except wood26
25429902Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: except wood21
25429903Shelving angles or slotted bars, except wood2
25429904Shelving, office and store, except wood30
25429905Telephone booths: except wood7
2591Drapery Hardware and Blinds and Shades1,293
259100Drapery hardware and window blinds and shades347
25910000Drapery hardware and window blinds and shades347
259101Shade, curtain, and drapery hardware58
25910100Shade, curtain, and drapery hardware20
25910101Curtain and drapery rods, poles, and fixtures18
25910102Shade pulls, window4
25910103Window shade rollers and fittings16
259102Window blinds787
25910200Window blinds277
25910201Blinds vertical398
25910202Micro blinds2
25910203Mini blinds35
25910204Venetian blinds75
259103Window shades101
25910300Window shades99
25910301Porch shades, wood slat2
2599Furniture and Fixtures, Nec1,366
259900Furniture and fixtures, nec153
25990000Furniture and fixtures, nec153
259901Factory furniture and fixtures496
25990100Factory furniture and fixtures187
25990101Cabinets, factory289
25990102Stools, factory6
25990103Tool stands, factory5
25990104Work benches, factory9
259902Bar, restaurant and cafeteria furniture474
25990200Bar, restaurant and cafeteria furniture265
25990201Bar furniture17
25990202Cafeteria furniture4
25990203Carts, restaurant equipment41
25990204Food wagons, restaurant60
25990205Restaurant furniture, wood or metal87
259903Beds, not household use89
25990300Beds, not household use9
25990301Hospital beds66
25990302Inflatable beds14
259999Furniture and fixtures, nec, nec154
25999901Boards: planning, display, notice33
25999902Bowling establishment furniture2
25999903Hotel furniture60
25999904Ship furniture10
25999905Stools with casters (not household or office), metal8
25999906Mechanics' dollies4
25999907Hospital furniture, except beds37