Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 25—Furniture And Fixtures

This major group includes establishments engaged in manufacturing household, office, public building, and restaurant furniture; and office and store fixtures. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of millwork are classified in Industry 2431; those manufacturing wood kitchen cabinets are classified in Industry 2434; those manufacturing cut stone and concrete furniture are classified in Major Group 32; those manufacturing laboratory and hospital furniture, except hospital beds, are classified in Major Group 38; those manufacturing beauty and barber shop furniture are classified in Major Group 39; and those engaged in woodworking to individual order or in the nature of reconditioning and repair are classified in nonmanufacturing industries.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 251: Household Furniture
2511Wood Household Furniture, Except Upholstered2,734
2512Wood Household Furniture, Upholstered828
2514Metal Household Furniture435
2515Mattresses, Foundations, and Convertible Beds695
2517Wood Television, Radio, Phonograph, and Sewing Machine Cabinets86
2519Household Furniture, Not Elsewhere Classified479
Industry Group 252: Office Furniture
2521Wood Office Furniture874
2522Office Furniture, Except Wood529
Industry Group 253: Public Building And Related Furniture
2531Public Building and Related Furniture855
Industry Group 254: Partitions, Shelving, Lockers, And Office And Store Fixtures
2541Wood Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers1,689
2542Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers, Except Wood860
Industry Group 259: Miscellaneous Furniture And Fixtures
2591Drapery Hardware and Window Blinds and Shades1,261
2599Furniture and Fixtures, Not Elsewhere Classified1,393