Industry: 2515—Mattresses, Foundations, and Convertible Beds
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing innerspring mattresses, box spring mattresses, and non-innerspring mattresses containing felt, foam rubber, urethane, hair, or any other filling material; and assembled wire springs (fabric, coil, or box) for use on beds, couches, and cots. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dual-purpose sleep furniture, such as convertible sofas and chair beds, regardless of the material used in the frame. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automobile seats and backs are classified in Industry 2531; those manufacturing individual wire springs are classified in Industry 3495; and those manufacturing paddings and upholstery filling are classified in Industry 2299.

Beds, sleep-system ensembles: flotation and adjustableCushions, spring
Beds, sofa and chair: on frames of any materialFoundations, bed: spring, foam, and platform
Bedsprings, assembledMattresses, containing felt, foam rubber, urethane, etc.
Box springs, assembledMattresses: innerspring, box spring, and non-innerspring
Chair and couch springs, assembledSofas, convertible
Cot springs, assembledSpring cushions
Cushion springs, assembled
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2515Mattresses and Bedsprings722
251500Mattresses and bedsprings242
25150000Mattresses and bedsprings242
251501Mattresses and foundations374
25150100Mattresses and foundations131
25150101Foundations and platforms41
25150102Mattresses, containing felt, foam rubber, urethane, etc.79
25150103Mattresses, innerspring or box spring121
25150104Mattresses, waterbed flotation2
251502Furniture springs58
25150200Furniture springs2
25150201Bedsprings, assembled12
25150202Box springs, assembled34
25150203Chair and couch springs, assembled5
25150204Cot springs, assembled0
25150205Spring cushions5
251503Sleep furniture48
25150300Sleep furniture23
25150301Chair beds3
25150302Sofa beds (convertible sofas)7
25150303Studio couches15