SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2514—Metal Household Furniture
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing metal household furniture of a type commonly used in dwellings. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dual-purpose sleep furniture, such as convertible sofas and chair beds, are classified in Industry 2515, regardless of the material used in the frame.

Backs for metal household furnitureGarden furniture, metal
Beds, including folding and cabinet beds: household—metalGliders (furniture), metal
Bookcases, household metalHammocks, metal or fabric and metal combination
Breakfast sets (furniture), metalJuvenile furniture, metal
Bridge sets (furniture), metalLawn furniture, metal
Cabinets, kitchen metalNovelty furniture, metal
Cabinets, medicine metalNursery furniture, metal
Cabinets, radio and television metalPlaypens, children's metal
Camp furniture, metalSeats for metal household furniture
Chairs, household metalServing carts, household metal
Cots, household metalSmoking stands, metal
Cribs, metalStools, household metal
Dinette sets, metalSwings, porch metal
Frames for box springs or bedsprings, metalTables, household: metal
Furniture, clubroom: metalTea wagons, metal
Furniture, household: metalVanities, household metal
Furniture, household: upholstered on metal frames, except dual-purpose sleep furniture
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2514Metal Household Furniture416
251400Metal household furniture148
25140000Metal household furniture148
251401Metal bedroom furniture37
25140100Metal bedroom furniture9
25140101Beds, including folding and cabinet, household: metal19
25140102Frames for box springs or bedsprings: metal9
251402Metal kitchen and dining room furniture72
25140200Metal kitchen and dining room furniture15
25140201Breakfast sets, household: metal1
25140202Chairs, household: metal8
25140203Dinette sets: metal1
25140204Kitchen cabinets: metal33
25140205Stools, household, padded or plain: metal4
25140206Tables, household: metal10
251403Metal children's furniture9
25140301Cribs: metal3
25140302Juvenile furniture, household: metal3
25140303Nursery furniture: metal3
251404Metal game room furniture3
25140400Metal game room furniture1
25140401Bridge sets (furniture): metal0
25140402Club room furniture, household: metal2
251405Metal bookcases and stereo cabinets10
25140500Metal bookcases and stereo cabinets3
25140501Bookcases, household: metal0
25140502Cabinets, radio and television: metal7
251406Metal lawn and garden furniture61
25140600Metal lawn and garden furniture26
25140601Garden furniture, metal20
25140602Gliders (furniture), padded or plain: metal2
25140603Hammocks: metal or fabric and metal combination3
25140604Lawn furniture: metal10
25140605Porch swings: metal0
251499Metal household furniture, nec76
25149901Backs and seats for metal household furniture7
25149902Camp furniture: metal3
25149903Cots, household: metal2
25149904Household furniture: upholstered on metal frames34
25149905Medicine cabinets and vanities: metal16
25149906Novelty furniture, household: metal7
25149907Serving carts and tea wagons: metal7
25149908Smoking stands: metal0