SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2531—Public Building and Related Furniture
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing furniture for schools, theaters, assembly halls, churches, and libraries. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing seats for public conveyances, as well as seats for automobiles and aircraft, are included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stone furniture are classified in Industry 3281, and those manufacturing concrete furniture are classified in Industry 3272.

Benches for public buildingsFurniture: church, library, school, theater, and other public buildings
Blackboards, woodPews, church
Bleacher seating, portableSchool furniture, except stone and concrete
Chairs, portable foldingSeats: automobile, vans, aircraft, railroad, and other public
Church furniture, except stone or concreteStadium seating
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2531Public Building and Related Furniture829
253100Public building and related furniture205
25310000Public building and related furniture205
253101School furniture61
25310100School furniture55
25310101Blackboards, wood6
253102Church furniture55
25310200Church furniture38
25310201Altars and pulpits4
25310202Communion tables, wood1
25310203Pews, church12
253103Vehicle furniture270
25310300Vehicle furniture26
25310301Cabs, for off-highway trucks4
25310302Seats, aircraft31
25310303Seats, automobile207
25310304Seats, railroad2
253104Stadium furniture70
25310400Stadium furniture9
25310401Bleacher seating, portable21
25310402Stadium seating40
253199Public building and related furniture, nec168
25319901Assembly hall furniture16
25319902Benches for public buildings13
25319903Chairs, portable folding24
25319904Chairs, table and arm12
25319905Library furniture8
25319906Seats, miscellaneous public conveyances13
25319907Theater furniture31
25319908Picnic tables or benches, park51