SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2542—Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers, Except Wood
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing office and store fixtures, shelving, storage racks, lockers, and related fabricated products, chiefly of materials other than wood. Prefabricated partitions are included in this industry if designed to be attached to the floor and are classified in Industry 2522 if designed to be free-standing or part of an office furniture panel system. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refrigerated cabinets, showcases, and display cases are classified in Industry 3585 and those manufacturing safes and vaults are classified in Industry 3499.

Bar fixtures, except woodMailing racks postal service except wood
Butchers' store fixtures, except woodPallet racks, except wood
Cabinets, show, display, and storage: not refrigerated—except woodPartitions prefabricated except wood and free standing
Carrier cases and tables, mail: except woodPostal service lock boxes, except wood
Counters and counter display cases, not refrigerated: except woodRacks merchandise display and storage, except wood
Display cases and fixtures, not refrigerated: except woodShelving angles and slotted bars: except wood
Fixtures, display: office and store—except woodShelving office and store: except wood
Garment racks except woodShowcases not refrigerated: except wood
Lockers not refrigerated except woodSorting racks, mail: except wood
Lunchroom fixtures except woodStands, merchandise display: except wood
Mail pouch racks except woodTelephone booths, except wood
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2542Partitions and Fixtures, Except Wood860
254200Partitions and fixtures, except wood184
25420000Partitions and fixtures, except wood184
254201Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products96
25420100Postal lock boxes, mail racks, and related products46
25420101Carrier cases and tables, mail: except wood8
25420102Locker boxes, postal service: except wood12
25420103Lockers (not refrigerated): except wood12
25420104Mail racks and lock boxes, postal service: except wood18
254202Office and store showcases and display fixtures492
25420200Office and store showcases and display fixtures79
25420201Bar fixtures, except wood7
25420202Cabinets: show, display, or storage: except wood113
25420203Counters or counter display cases, except wood53
25420204Fixtures, office: except wood10
25420205Fixtures, store: except wood56
25420206Fixtures: display, office, or store: except wood48
25420207Garment racks, except wood4
25420209Racks, merchandise display or storage: except wood95
25420210Showcases (not refrigerated): except wood6
25420211Stands, merchandise display: except wood21
254299Partitions and fixtures, except wood, nec88
25429901Pallet racks: except wood25
25429902Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: except wood22
25429903Shelving angles or slotted bars, except wood1
25429904Shelving, office and store, except wood35
25429905Telephone booths: except wood5