SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2541—Wood Office and Store Fixtures, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing shelving, lockers, and office and store fixtures, plastics laminated fixture tops, and related fabricated products, chiefly of wood. Prefabricated partitions are included in this industry if designed to be attached to the floor and are classified in Industry 2521 if designed to be free-standing or part of an office furniture panel system. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refrigerated cabinets, showcases, and display cases are classified in Industry 3585.

Bar fixtures, woodPartitions, prefabricated: wood for floor attachment
Butchers' store fixtures, woodPedestals, statuary: wood
Cabinets, show, display, and storage: except refrigerated—woodRacks, merchandise display: wood
Counters and counter display cases, except refrigerated—woodShelving, office and store: wood
Display cases and fixtures, not refrigerated: woodShowcases, not refrigerated: wood
Drainboards, plastics laminatedSink tops, plastics laminated
Fixture tops, plastics laminatedStore fronts, prefabricated: wood
Fixtures, display: office and store—woodTable or counter tops, plastics laminated
Garment racks, woodTelephone booths, wood
Lockers, not refrigerated: woodWindow backs, store and lunchroom: prefabricated—wood
Lunchroom fixtures, wood
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2541Wood Partitions and Fixtures1,612
254100Wood partitions and fixtures191
25410000Wood partitions and fixtures191
254101Store and office display cases and fixtures423
25410100Store and office display cases and fixtures141
25410101Bar fixtures, wood7
25410102Display fixtures, wood122
25410103Garment racks, wood2
25410104Office fixtures, wood19
25410105Showcases, except refrigerated: wood13
25410106Store fixtures, wood116
25410107Store fronts, prefabricated: wood3
254102Cabinets, lockers, and shelving440
25410200Cabinets, lockers, and shelving136
25410201Cabinets, except refrigerated: show, display, etc.: wood285
25410202Lockers, except refrigerated: wood7
25410203Shelving, office and store, wood12
254103Counter and sink tops534
25410300Counter and sink tops330
25410301Counters or counter display cases, wood64
25410302Drainboards, plastic laminated1
25410303Sink tops, plastic laminated12
25410304Table or counter tops, plastic laminated127
254199Wood partitions and fixtures, nec24
25419901Partitions for floor attachment, prefabricated: wood12
25419902Pedestals and statuary, wood7
25419903Telephone booths, wood2
25419904Window backs, store or lunchroom, prefabricated: wood3