SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2599—Furniture and Fixtures, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing furniture and fixtures, not elsewhere classified, including hospital beds and furniture specially designed for use in restaurants, bars, cafeterias, bowling centers, and ships.

Bar furnitureFood trucks, restaurant
Beds, hospitalFood wagons, restaurant
Bowling center furnitureRestaurant furniture
Cafeteria furnitureShip furniture
Carts, restaurantStools, metal: with casters—not household or office
Dish carts, restaurantTray trucks, restaurant
Factory furniture: stools, work benches, tool stands and cabinetsWork benches, industrial
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2599Furniture and Fixtures, Nec1,393
259900Furniture and fixtures, nec169
25990000Furniture and fixtures, nec169
259901Factory furniture and fixtures446
25990100Factory furniture and fixtures160
25990101Cabinets, factory267
25990102Stools, factory6
25990103Tool stands, factory6
25990104Work benches, factory7
259902Bar, restaurant and cafeteria furniture520
25990200Bar, restaurant and cafeteria furniture256
25990201Bar furniture16
25990202Cafeteria furniture3
25990203Carts, restaurant equipment39
25990204Food wagons, restaurant122
25990205Restaurant furniture, wood or metal84
259903Beds, not household use101
25990300Beds, not household use7
25990301Hospital beds88
25990302Inflatable beds6
259999Furniture and fixtures, nec, nec157
25999901Boards: planning, display, notice42
25999902Bowling establishment furniture1
25999903Hotel furniture55
25999904Ship furniture9
25999905Stools with casters (not household or office), metal8
25999906Mechanics' dollies2
25999907Hospital furniture, except beds40