Industry: 2521—Wood Office Furniture
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing office furniture, chiefly of wood.

Benches, office: woodFurniture, office: wood
Bookcases, office: woodModular furniture systems, office, wood
Cabinets, office: woodPanel furniture systems, office, wood
Chairs, office: woodPartitions, office: not for floor attachment—wood
Desks, office: woodStools, office: wood
Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: woodTables, office: wood
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2521Wood Office Furniture871
252100Wood office furniture0
25210000Wood office furniture467
252101Wood office chairs, benches and stools0
25210100Wood office chairs, benches and stools20
25210101Benches, office: wood10
25210102Chairs, office: padded, upholstered, or plain: wood27
25210103Stools, office: wood0
252102Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases0
25210200Wood office filing cabinets and bookcases27
25210201Bookcases, office: wood10
25210202Cabinets, office: wood246
25210203Filing cabinets (boxes), office: wood8
252103Wood office desks and tables0
25210300Wood office desks and tables14
25210301Desks, office: wood11
25210302Tables, office: wood13
252199Wood office furniture, nec0
25219901Panel systems and partitions (free-standing), office: wood18