Industry: 2511—Wood Household Furniture, Except Upholstered
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood household furniture commonly used in dwellings. This industry also includes establishments manufacturing camp furniture. Establishments engaged in manufacturing upholstered furniture are classified in Industry 2512; those manufacturing reed, rattan, and similar furniture are classified in Industry 2519; those manufacturing television, radio, phonograph, and sewing machine cabinets are classified in Industry 2517; and those manufacturing kitchen cabinets and bath room vanities are classified in Industry 2434.

Beds, including folding and cabinet beds: household—woodFurniture, household wood: unfinished
Bookcases, household: woodFurniture, household, wood: porch, lawn, garden, and beach
Breakfast sets (furniture), woodFurniture, household, wood: unassembled or knock-down
Bridge sets (furniture), woodHeadboards, wood
Buffets (furniture)High chairs, children's: wood
Cedar chestsJuvenile furniture, wood: except upholstered
Chairs bentwoodMagazine racks, wood
Chairs, household: except upholstered—woodNursery furniture, wood
Chests, silverware: wood (floor standing)Playpens, children's: wood
Chiffoniers and chifforobesRockers, wood: except upholstered
China closetsRoom dividers, household: wood
Coffee tables, woodScreens, privacy: wood
Console tables, woodSecretaries, household: wood
Cots, household: woodStands: telephone, bedside, and smoking—wood
Cradles, woodStools, household: wood
Cribs, woodStorage chests, household: wood
Desks, household: woodSwings, porch: wood
Dining room furniture, woodTables, household: wood
DressersTea wagons, wood
Dressing tablesVanity dressers
End tables, woodWardrobes, household: wood
Frames for box springs, bedsprings, or water beds: woodWhatnot shelves, wood
Furniture, household clubroom, noveltywood, except upholstered
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2511Wood Household Furniture2,713
251100Wood household furniture1,940
25110000Wood household furniture1,940
251101Wood bedroom furniture120
25110100Wood bedroom furniture59
25110101Bed frames, except water bed frames: wood35
25110102Bedside stands: wood0
25110103Chiffoniers and chifforobes0
25110105Dressers, household: wood5
25110106Dressing tables: wood1
25110107Headboards: wood6
25110108Vanity dressers: wood3
25110109Wardrobes, household: wood3
25110110Waterbed frames: wood3
251102Kitchen and dining room furniture211
25110200Kitchen and dining room furniture65
25110201Breakfast sets (furniture): wood0
25110202Buffets (furniture)5
25110203Chairs, household, except upholstered: wood51
25110204Chairs, Bentwood3
25110205China closets21
25110206Dining room furniture: wood19
25110207Silverware chests: wood1
25110208Stools, household: wood4
25110209Tables, household: wood42
251103Children's wood furniture66
25110300Children's wood furniture37
25110301Cradles: wood1
25110302Cribs: wood5
25110303High chairs, children's: wood2
25110304Juvenile furniture: wood12
25110305Nursery furniture: wood2
25110306Play pens, children's: wood7
251104Wood game room furniture12
25110400Wood game room furniture8
25110401Bridge sets (furniture): wood0
25110402Club room furniture: wood4
251105Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks24
25110500Wood desks, bookcases, and magazine racks5
25110501Bookcases, household: wood10
25110502Desks, household: wood6
25110503Magazine racks: wood2
25110504Racks, book and magazine: wood1
25110505Secretaries, household: wood0
251106Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands119
25110600Wood stands and chests, except bedside stands5
25110601Cedar chests19
25110602Console tables: wood10
25110603Smoking stands: wood0
25110604Stands, household, nec: wood4
25110605Storage chests, household: wood80
25110606Tea wagons: wood1
25110607Telephone stands: wood0
251107Wood lawn and garden furniture128
25110700Wood lawn and garden furniture55
25110701Garden furniture: wood14
25110702Lawn furniture: wood46
25110703Porch furniture and swings: wood13
251199Wood household furniture, nec93
25119901Camp furniture: wood11
25119902Coffee tables: wood5
25119903Cots, household: wood0
25119904End tables: wood3
25119905Novelty furniture: wood18
25119906Rockers, except upholstered: wood8
25119907Screens, privacy: wood8
25119908Unassembled or unfinished furniture, household: wood25
25119909Whatnot shelves: wood15