59 - Miscellaneous Retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
59Miscellaneous Retail649,288
5912Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores53,524
591200Drug stores and proprietary stores25,410
59120000Drug stores and proprietary stores25,410
591299Drug stores and proprietary stores, nec28,114
59129901Drug stores27,553
59129902Proprietary (non-prescription medicine) stores561
5921Liquor Stores31,732
592100Liquor stores18,887
59210000Liquor stores18,887
592101Wine and beer8,303
59210100Wine and beer661
59210101Beer (packaged)3,099
592199Liquor stores, nec4,542
59219901Hard liquor4,542
5932Used Merchandise Stores44,007
593200Used merchandise stores15,144
59320000Used merchandise stores15,144
593201Home furnishings and appliances, secondhand1,692
59320100Home furnishings and appliances, secondhand365
59320101Furniture, secondhand880
59320102Home furnishings, secondhand132
59320103Household appliances, used315
59320201Art objects, antique257
59320202Glassware, antique41
593203Book stores, secondhand1,253
59320300Book stores, secondhand590
59320301Manuscripts, rare19
59320302Rare books644
593204Clothing and shoes, secondhand1,991
59320400Clothing and shoes, secondhand561
59320401Clothing, secondhand1,418
59320402Shoes, secondhand12
593205Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand187
59320500Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand46
59320501Office furniture, secondhand87
59320502Store fixtures and equipment, secondhand54
593299Used merchandise stores, nec7,865
59329901Building materials, secondhand121
59329902Computers and accessories, secondhand300
59329903Musical instruments, secondhand74
59329905Records, secondhand41
59329906Stereo equipment, secondhand21
5941Sporting Goods and Bicycle Shops47,980
594100Sporting goods and bicycle shops17,227
59410000Sporting goods and bicycle shops17,227
594101Fishing equipment3,570
59410100Fishing equipment1,236
59410101Bait and tackle2,306
59410102Fish finders and other electronic fishing equipment28
594102Hunting equipment10,512
59410200Hunting equipment859
594103Golf, tennis, and ski shops3,610
59410300Golf, tennis, and ski shops200
59410301Golf goods and equipment2,614
59410302Skiing equipment462
59410303Tennis goods and equipment334
594104Exercise equipment566
59410400Exercise equipment480
59410401Gymnasium equipment, nec62
59410402Trampolines and equipment24
594105Water sport equipment1,611
59410500Water sport equipment338
59410501Skin diving, scuba equipment and supplies879
59410502Surfing equipment and supplies340
59410503Windsurfing and sailboarding equipment54
594106Camping and backpacking equipment585
59410600Camping and backpacking equipment156
59410601Backpacking equipment129
59410602Camping equipment300
594107Team sports equipment703
59410700Team sports equipment255
59410701Baseball equipment68
59410702Basketball equipment13
59410703Football equipment11
59410704Hockey equipment, except skates112
59410705Soccer supplies244
594199Sporting goods and bicycle shops, nec9,596
59419901Archery supplies1,231
59419902Bicycle and bicycle parts5,026
59419903Bowling equipment and supplies331
59419904Martial arts equipment and supplies189
59419905Playground equipment282
59419906Pool and billiard tables281
59419907Saddlery and equestrian equipment1,099
59419908Skateboarding equipment296
59419909Skating equipment167
59419910Specialty sport supplies, nec694
5942Book Stores14,338
594200Book stores10,296
59420000Book stores10,296
594299Book stores, nec4,042
59429901Books, foreign59
59429902Books, religious1,150
59429903Children's books236
59429904College book stores995
59429905Comic books1,602
5943Stationery Stores7,462
594300Stationery stores4,485
59430000Stationery stores4,485
594399Stationery stores, nec2,977
59439901Notary and corporate seals58
59439902Office forms and supplies2,376
59439903School supplies333
59439904Writing supplies210
5944Jewelry Stores36,495
594400Jewelry stores22,244
59440000Jewelry stores22,244
594401Clock and watch stores1,637
59440100Clock and watch stores209
594499Jewelry stores, nec12,614
59449901Jewelry, precious stones and precious metals12,531
5945Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops24,462
594500Hobby, toy, and game shops7,030
59450000Hobby, toy, and game shops7,030
594501Hobby and craft supplies12,106
59450100Hobby and craft supplies5,901
59450101Arts and crafts supplies3,141
59450102Ceramics supplies588
59450103Hobbies, nec1,843
59450104Models, toy and hobby633
594502Toys and games5,255
59450200Toys and games3,963
59450201Children's toys and games, except dolls464
59450202Dolls and accessories470
59450203Games (chess, backgammon, and other durable games)358
594599Hobby, toy, and game shops, nec71
59459901Kite stores71
5946Camera and Photographic Supply Stores1,541
594600Camera and photographic supply stores415
59460000Camera and photographic supply stores415
594699Camera and photographic supply stores, nec1,126
59469902Photographic supplies162
5947Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Shop53,577
594700Gift, novelty, and souvenir shop17,090
59470000Gift, novelty, and souvenir shop17,090
594701Gifts and novelties31,070
59470100Gifts and novelties3,239
59470101Artcraft and carvings653
59470102Balloon shops617
59470103Gift baskets1,510
59470104Gift shop23,203
59470106Party favors880
594799Gift, novelty, and souvenir shop, nec5,417
59479901Greeting cards4,282
59479903Trading cards: baseball or other sports, entertainment, etc.852
5948Luggage and Leather Goods Stores1,515
594800Luggage and leather goods stores993
59480000Luggage and leather goods stores993
594899Luggage and leather goods stores, nec522
59489901Leather goods, except luggage and shoes313
59489902Luggage, except footlockers and trunks199
59489903Trunks (luggage)10
5949Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods11,177
594900Sewing, needlework, and piece goods2,362
59490000Sewing, needlework, and piece goods2,362
594901Fabric stores piece goods3,101
59490100Fabric stores piece goods2,948
59490101Bridal fabrics24
59490102Fabric, remnants129
594902Sewing and needlework5,714
59490200Sewing and needlework441
59490201Knitting goods and supplies959
59490202Needlework goods and supplies502
59490203Notions, including trim33
59490204Patterns: sewing, knitting and needlework126
59490205Quilting materials and supplies708
59490206Sewing supplies2,879
59490207Weaving goods and supplies66
5961Catalog and Mail-order Houses20,459
596100Catalog and mail-order houses4,906
59610000Catalog and mail-order houses4,906
596101Food, mail order309
59610100Food, mail order239
59610101Cheese, mail order11
59610102Fruit, mail order59
596102Computer equipment and electronics, mail order1,091
59610200Computer equipment and electronics, mail order646
59610201Computer software, mail order208
59610202Computers and peripheral equipment, mail order113
59610203Electronic kits and parts, mail order124
596103Book and record clubs388
59610300Book and record clubs88
59610301Book club, mail order57
59610302Magazines, mail order49
59610303Record and/or tape (music or video) club, mail order194
596104Stamps, coins, and other collectibles, mail order1,060
59610400Stamps, coins, and other collectibles, mail order236
59610401Coins, mail order37
59610402Collectibles and antiques, mail order730
59610403Stamps, mail order57
596199Catalog and mail-order houses, nec12,705
59619901Arts and crafts equipment and supplies, mail order253
59619902Automotive supplies and equipment, mail order275
59619903Books, mail order (except book clubs)306
59619904Cards, mail order80
59619905Catalog sales1,000
59619906Clothing, mail order (except women's)352
59619907Cosmetics and perfumes, mail order295
59619908Educational supplies and equipment, mail order203
59619909Fishing, hunting and camping equipment and supplies: by mail152
59619910Fitness and sporting goods, mail order453
59619911Flowers, plants and bulbs: mail order108
59619912Furniture and furnishings, mail order217
59619913General merchandise, mail order1,786
59619914Gift items, mail order345
59619915Jewelry, mail order345
59619916Mail order house, nec1,174
59619917Mail order house, order taking office only51
59619918Novelty merchandise, mail order332
59619919Religious merchandise, mail order44
59619920Television, home shopping220
59619921Tools and hardware, mail order163
59619922Toys and games (including dolls and models), mail order180
59619923Women's apparel, mail order371
59619924Pharmaceuticals, mail order436
59619925Electronic shopping3,459
59619926Electronic auctions105
5962Merchandising Machine Operators10,783
596200Merchandising machine operators8,519
59620000Merchandising machine operators8,519
596201Food vending machines1,793
59620100Food vending machines884
59620101Candy and snack food vending machines746
59620102Sandwich and hot food vending machines163
596202Beverage vending machines301
59620200Beverage vending machines175
59620201Cold drinks vending machines83
59620202Hot drinks and soup vending machines43
596299Merchandising machine operators, nec170
59629901Cigarettes vending machines102
59629902Novelty vending machines68
5963Direct Selling Establishments28,806
596300Direct selling establishments4,298
59630000Direct selling establishments4,298
596301Beverage services, direct sales5,898
59630100Beverage services, direct sales261
59630101Bottled water delivery5,426
59630102Coffee, soda, beer, etc: house-to-house sales150
59630103Milk delivery61
596302Food services, direct sales3,843
59630200Food services, direct sales2,208
59630201Bakery goods, house-to-house111
59630202Dairy products, house-to-house31
59630203Food service, coffee-cart129
59630204Food service, mobile, except coffee-cart514
59630205Ice cream wagon88
59630206Lunch wagon50
59630207Snacks, direct sales712
596303Encyclopedias and publications, direct sales367
59630300Encyclopedias and publications, direct sales35
59630301Book sales, house-to-house56
59630302Encyclopedias, house-to-house8
59630303Magazine subscriptions, house-to-house99
59630304Newspapers, home delivery, not by printers or publishers169
596304Home related products, direct sales1,811
59630400Home related products, direct sales1,360
59630401Appliance sales, house-to-house57
59630402Drapes and curtains, house-to-house17
59630403Furnishings, including furniture, house-to-house129
59630404Houseware sales, house-to-house107
59630405Vacuum cleaner sales, house-to-house141
596399Direct selling establishments, nec12,589
59639902Clothing sales, house-to-house270
59639903Cosmetic sales, house-to-house6,601
59639904Direct sales, telemarketing913
59639905Jewelry sales, house-to-house387
59639906Lingerie sales, house-to-house1,629
59639907Party-plan merchandising2,770
5983Fuel Oil Dealers6,964
598300Fuel oil dealers6,964
59830000Fuel oil dealers6,964
5984Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers5,309
598400Liquefied petroleum gas dealers1,489
59840000Liquefied petroleum gas dealers1,489
598499Liquefied petroleum gas dealers, nec3,820
59849901Butane gas, bottled100
59849902Liquefied petroleum gas, delivered to customers' premises512
59849903Propane gas, bottled3,208
5989Fuel Dealers, Nec817
598900Fuel dealers, nec163
59890000Fuel dealers, nec163
598999Fuel dealers, nec, nec654
59899902Wood (fuel)283
599299Florists, nec9,339
59929901Flowers, fresh8,611
59929902Plants, potted728
5993Tobacco Stores and Stands10,238
599300Tobacco stores and stands7,718
59930000Tobacco stores and stands7,718
599399Tobacco stores and stands, nec2,520
59939901Cigar store636
59939902Cigarette store806
59939903Pipe store199
5994News Dealers and Newsstands1,122
599400News dealers and newsstands373
59940000News dealers and newsstands373
599499News dealers and newsstands, nec749
59949901Magazine stand178
5995Optical Goods Stores18,277
599500Optical goods stores12,526
59950000Optical goods stores12,526
599599Optical goods stores, nec5,751
59959901Contact lenses, prescription2,016
59959902Eyeglasses, prescription1,559
5999Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Nec191,480
599900Miscellaneous retail stores, nec60,976
59990000Miscellaneous retail stores, nec60,976
599901Alarm and safety equipment stores6,355
59990100Alarm and safety equipment stores4,283
59990101Alarm signal systems661
59990102Fire extinguishers800
59990103Safety supplies and equipment611
599902Art and architectural supplies1,062
59990200Art and architectural supplies224
59990201Architectural supplies109
59990202Artists' supplies and materials648
59990203Drafting equipment and supplies81
599903Banners, flags, decals, and posters2,047
59990300Banners, flags, decals, and posters340
599904Binoculars and telescopes93
59990400Binoculars and telescopes36
599905Coins and stamps2,410
59990500Coins and stamps113
59990502Numismatist shops18
59990503Stamps (philatelist)190
599906Telephone and communication equipment18,461
59990600Telephone and communication equipment1,639
59990601Audio-visual equipment and supplies5,295
59990602Communication equipment638
59990603Telephone equipment and systems3,967
59990604Facsimile equipment63
59990605Mobile telephones and equipment6,859
599907Engine and motor equipment and supplies535
59990700Engine and motor equipment and supplies293
59990701Engines and parts, air-cooled79
59990702Motors, electric163
599908Farm equipment and supplies5,222
59990800Farm equipment and supplies2,472
59990801Farm machinery, nec482
59990802Farm tractors227
59990803Feed and farm supply2,041
599909Medical apparatus and supplies13,387
59990900Medical apparatus and supplies3,892
59990901Artificial limbs311
59990902Convalescent equipment and supplies83
59990903Hearing aids6,873
59990904Hospital equipment and supplies532
59990905Incontinent care products19
59990906Orthopedic and prosthesis applications922
59990907Technical aids for the handicapped99
59990908Wheelchair lifts130
599910Monuments and tombstones3,140
59991000Monuments and tombstones1,307
59991001Gravestones, finished86
59991002Monuments, finished to custom order1,656
599911Pets and pet supplies17,021
59991100Pets and pet supplies7,321
59991101Aquarium supplies525
59991102Pet food891
59991103Pet supplies1,789
59991105Tropical fish378
599912Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies7,805
59991200Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies5,014
59991201Hot tub and spa chemicals, equipment, and supplies167
59991202Sauna equipment and supplies59
59991203Spas and hot tubs599
59991204Swimming pool chemicals, equipment, and supplies1,418
59991205Swimming pools, above ground528
59991206Whirlpool baths20
599913Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes16,282
59991300Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes4,398
59991302Perfumes and colognes1,317
59991303Toilet preparations55
59991304Hair care products1,491
599914Typewriters and business machines2,102
59991400Typewriters and business machines255
59991401Business machines and equipment1,221
59991402Photocopy machines536
599915Gems and precious stones703
59991500Gems and precious stones621
59991501Gem stones, rough33
59991502Stones, crystalline: rough49
599916Art, picture frames, and decorations8,182
59991600Art, picture frames, and decorations1,630
59991601Art dealers3,470
59991602Artificial flowers319
59991603Candle shops1,050
59991604Christmas lights and decorations299
59991605Heraldic insignia10
59991606Picture frames, ready made1,359
59991607Collectible plates45
599917Educational aids and electronic training materials781
59991700Educational aids and electronic training materials449
59991701Education aids, devices and supplies279
59991702Training materials, electronic53
599918Infant furnishings and equipment674
59991800Infant furnishings and equipment274
59991801Baby carriages and strollers89
59991803Child restraint seats, automotive5
59991804Children's equipment, nec60
59991805Children's furniture, nec122
59991807High chairs7
599999Miscellaneous retail stores, nec, nec24,242
59999901Alcoholic beverage making equipment and supplies1,253
59999902Auction rooms (general merchandise)771
59999903Autograph supplies68
59999905Batteries, non-automotive265
59999906Cake decorating supplies185
59999907Canvas products100
59999908Cleaning equipment and supplies950
59999909Concrete products, pre-cast137
59999910Electronic parts and equipment5,573
59999912Foam and foam products100
59999915Maps and charts91
59999916Plumbing and heating supplies1,040
59999917Police supply stores207
59999918Razors, electric13
59999919Religious goods652
59999920Rock and stone specimens346
59999921Rubber stamps183
59999922Sales barn93
59999925Theater programs630
59999926Theatrical equipment and supplies88
59999927Trophies and plaques3,119
59999928Vaults and safes148
59999929Water purification equipment1,588
59999930Packaging materials: boxes, padding, etc.552
59999931Welding supplies369
59999932Air purification equipment223
59999933Fiberglass materials, except insulation49