SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5941—Sporting Goods Stores and Bicycle Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of sporting goods, sporting equipment, and bicycles, bicycle parts, and accessories. Retail establishments primarily engaged in selling motorized bicycles are classified in Industry 5571, and those engaged in the retail sale of athletic footwear are classified in Industry 5661. Establishments primarily engaged in repairing bicycles are classified in Services, Industry 7699, and those renting bicycles are classified in Industry 7999.

Ammunition—retailGymnasium equipment—retail
Backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering equipment—retailHunters' equipment—retail
Bait and tackle shops—retailPlayground equipment—retail
Bicycle and bicycle parts dealer except motorized—retailPool and billiards table stores—retail
Bowling equipment and supplies—retailRiding goods and equipment—retail
Camping equipment—retailSaddlery stores—retail
Exercise apparatus—retailSkiing equipment—retail
Firearms—retailSkin diving and scuba equipment—retail
Fishing equipment—retailSporting goods stores—retail
Golf goods and equipment—retailTennis goods and equipment—retail
Golf professionals operating —retail stores
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5941Sporting Goods and Bicycle Shops55,610
594100Sporting goods and bicycle shops11,983
59410000Sporting goods and bicycle shops11,983
594101Fishing equipment4,972
59410100Fishing equipment663
59410101Bait and tackle4,286
59410102Fish finders and other electronic fishing equipment23
594102Hunting equipment16,581
59410200Hunting equipment418
594103Golf, tennis, and ski shops3,915
59410300Golf, tennis, and ski shops83
59410301Golf goods and equipment2,770
59410302Skiing equipment742
59410303Tennis goods and equipment320
594104Exercise equipment695
59410400Exercise equipment619
59410401Gymnasium equipment, nec61
59410402Trampolines and equipment15
594105Water sport equipment2,226
59410500Water sport equipment218
59410501Skin diving, scuba equipment and supplies1,541
59410502Surfing equipment and supplies414
59410503Windsurfing and sailboarding equipment53
594106Camping and backpacking equipment530
59410600Camping and backpacking equipment159
59410601Backpacking equipment99
59410602Camping equipment272
594107Team sports equipment742
59410700Team sports equipment240
59410701Baseball equipment69
59410702Basketball equipment13
59410703Football equipment11
59410704Hockey equipment, except skates120
59410705Soccer supplies289
594199Sporting goods and bicycle shops, nec13,966
59419901Archery supplies1,332
59419902Bicycle and bicycle parts7,440
59419903Bowling equipment and supplies291
59419904Martial arts equipment and supplies140
59419905Playground equipment350
59419906Pool and billiard tables303
59419907Saddlery and equestrian equipment1,271
59419908Skateboarding equipment304
59419909Skating equipment125
59419910Specialty sport supplies, nec2,410