Industry: 5961—Catalog and Mail-Order Houses
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of products by television, catalog, and mail-order. These establishments do not ordinarily maintain stock for sale on the premises. Separate stores operated by catalog and mail-order houses for the retail sale of products on the premises are classified according to the product sold.

Book clubs, not publishingJewelry, mail-order—retail
Books, mail-order—retailMagazines, mail-order—retail
Catalog (order taking) offices of mail-order houses—retailMail-order houses—retail (not including retail outlets)
Cheese, mail-order—retailNovelty merchandise, mail-order—retail
Coins, mail-order—retailOrder taking offices of mail-order houses—retail
Computer and peripheral equipment, mail-order—retailRecord clubs, mail-order—retail
Computer software, mail-order—retailStamps mail-order—retail
Food, mail-order—retailTelevision, mail-order (home shopping)—retail
Fruit, mail-order—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5961Catalog and Mail-order Houses22,275
596100Catalog and mail-order houses4,753
59610000Catalog and mail-order houses4,753
596101Food, mail order321
59610100Food, mail order252
59610101Cheese, mail order10
59610102Fruit, mail order59
596102Computer equipment and electronics, mail order1,068
59610200Computer equipment and electronics, mail order622
59610201Computer software, mail order206
59610202Computers and peripheral equipment, mail order109
59610203Electronic kits and parts, mail order131
596103Book and record clubs400
59610300Book and record clubs112
59610301Book club, mail order64
59610302Magazines, mail order45
59610303Record and/or tape (music or video) club, mail order179
596104Stamps, coins, and other collectibles, mail order1,046
59610400Stamps, coins, and other collectibles, mail order272
59610401Coins, mail order37
59610402Collectibles and antiques, mail order685
59610403Stamps, mail order52
596199Catalog and mail-order houses, nec14,687
59619901Arts and crafts equipment and supplies, mail order217
59619902Automotive supplies and equipment, mail order265
59619903Books, mail order (except book clubs)298
59619904Cards, mail order75
59619905Catalog sales946
59619906Clothing, mail order (except women's)360
59619907Cosmetics and perfumes, mail order328
59619908Educational supplies and equipment, mail order192
59619909Fishing, hunting and camping equipment and supplies: by mail150
59619910Fitness and sporting goods, mail order443
59619911Flowers, plants and bulbs: mail order105
59619912Furniture and furnishings, mail order216
59619913General merchandise, mail order1,863
59619914Gift items, mail order320
59619915Jewelry, mail order339
59619916Mail order house, nec1,111
59619917Mail order house, order taking office only51
59619918Novelty merchandise, mail order389
59619919Religious merchandise, mail order42
59619920Television, home shopping198
59619921Tools and hardware, mail order170
59619922Toys and games (including dolls and models), mail order187
59619923Women's apparel, mail order403
59619924Pharmaceuticals, mail order473
59619925Electronic shopping5,428
59619926Electronic auctions118