Industry: 5963—Direct Selling Establishments
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of merchandise by telephone; by house-to-house canvass; or from trucks or wagons or other temporary locations. Included in this industry are individuals who sell products by these methods and who are not employees of the organization which they represent, and establishments which are retail sales offices from which employees operate to sell merchandise from door-to-door.

Bakery goods, purchased: house-to-house—retailIce cream wagons—retail
Canvassers (door-to-door), headquarters for retail sale of merchandiseLunch wagons, mobile—retail
Dairy products, house-to-house—retailMagazine subscription sales, except mail-order—retail
Direct selling organizations (headquarters of door-to-doorMagazines, house-to-house selling
House delivery of purchased milk—retailMilk delivery and sale of purchased milk, without processing—retail
House-to-house selling of coffee, soda, beer, bottled water, or otherNewspapers, home delivery: except by newspaper printers or publishers
Huckters—retailParty-plan merchandising—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5963Direct Selling Establishments31,712
596300Direct selling establishments4,188
59630000Direct selling establishments4,188
596301Beverage services, direct sales6,799
59630100Beverage services, direct sales1,622
59630101Bottled water delivery4,978
59630102Coffee, soda, beer, etc: house-to-house sales133
59630103Milk delivery66
596302Food services, direct sales4,949
59630200Food services, direct sales3,350
59630201Bakery goods, house-to-house108
59630202Dairy products, house-to-house26
59630203Food service, coffee-cart115
59630204Food service, mobile, except coffee-cart628
59630205Ice cream wagon84
59630206Lunch wagon45
59630207Snacks, direct sales593
596303Encyclopedias and publications, direct sales337
59630300Encyclopedias and publications, direct sales31
59630301Book sales, house-to-house51
59630302Encyclopedias, house-to-house9
59630303Magazine subscriptions, house-to-house91
59630304Newspapers, home delivery, not by printers or publishers155
596304Home related products, direct sales1,764
59630400Home related products, direct sales1,396
59630401Appliance sales, house-to-house46
59630402Drapes and curtains, house-to-house12
59630403Furnishings, including furniture, house-to-house112
59630404Houseware sales, house-to-house82
59630405Vacuum cleaner sales, house-to-house116
596399Direct selling establishments, nec13,675
59639902Clothing sales, house-to-house2,129
59639903Cosmetic sales, house-to-house6,066
59639904Direct sales, telemarketing869
59639905Jewelry sales, house-to-house345
59639906Lingerie sales, house-to-house1,464
59639907Party-plan merchandising2,782