SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5999—Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of specialized lines of merchandise, not elsewhere classified, such as artists'supplies; orthopedic and artificial limbs; rubber stamps; pets; religious goods; and monuments and tombstones. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in selling a general line of their own or consigned merchandise at retail on an auction basis. Establishments primarily engaged in auctioning tangible personal property of others on a contract or fee basis are classified in Services, Industry 7389.

Architectural supplies—retailIce dealers—retail
Art dealers—retailMonuments, finished to custom order—retail
Artificial flowers—retailOrthopedic and artificial limb stores—retail
Artists' supply and material stores—retailPet food stores—retail
Auction rooms (general merchandise)—retailPet shops—retail
Autograph and philatelist supply stores—retailPicture frames, ready-made—retail
Awning shops—retailPolice supply stores—retail
Baby carriages—retailReligious goods stores (other than books)—retail
Banner shops—retailRock and stone specimens—retail
Binoculars—retailRubber stamp stores—retail
Cake decorating supplies—retailSales barns—retail
Candle shops—retailStamps, philatelist—retail: except mail-order
Coin shops—retail, except mail-orderStones, crystalline: rough—retail
Cosmetics stores—retailSwimming pools, home: not installed—retail
Electric razor shops—retailTelephone stores—retail
Flag shops—retailTent shops—retail
Gem stones, rough—retailTombstones—retail
Gravestones, finished—retailTrophy shops—retail
Hearing aids—retailTypewriter stores—retail
Hot tub—retailWhirlpool baths—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5999Miscellaneous Retail Stores, Nec225,497
599900Miscellaneous retail stores, nec81,704
59990000Miscellaneous retail stores, nec81,704
599901Alarm and safety equipment stores4,565
59990100Alarm and safety equipment stores2,559
59990101Alarm signal systems584
59990102Fire extinguishers830
59990103Safety supplies and equipment592
599902Art and architectural supplies907
59990200Art and architectural supplies153
59990201Architectural supplies88
59990202Artists' supplies and materials589
59990203Drafting equipment and supplies77
599903Banners, flags, decals, and posters2,351
59990300Banners, flags, decals, and posters183
599904Binoculars and telescopes97
59990400Binoculars and telescopes33
599905Coins and stamps2,905
59990500Coins and stamps20
59990502Numismatist shops16
59990503Stamps (philatelist)150
599906Telephone and communication equipment19,167
59990600Telephone and communication equipment985
59990601Audio-visual equipment and supplies7,610
59990602Communication equipment571
59990603Telephone equipment and systems3,556
59990604Facsimile equipment54
59990605Mobile telephones and equipment6,391
599907Engine and motor equipment and supplies483
59990700Engine and motor equipment and supplies261
59990701Engines and parts, air-cooled72
59990702Motors, electric150
599908Farm equipment and supplies5,221
59990800Farm equipment and supplies1,852
59990801Farm machinery, nec523
59990802Farm tractors212
59990803Feed and farm supply2,634
599909Medical apparatus and supplies17,266
59990900Medical apparatus and supplies3,950
59990901Artificial limbs205
59990902Convalescent equipment and supplies65
59990903Hearing aids9,440
59990904Hospital equipment and supplies656
59990905Incontinent care products20
59990906Orthopedic and prosthesis applications1,782
59990907Technical aids for the handicapped85
59990908Wheelchair lifts130
599910Monuments and tombstones3,348
59991000Monuments and tombstones276
59991001Gravestones, finished75
59991002Monuments, finished to custom order2,912
599911Pets and pet supplies18,673
59991100Pets and pet supplies6,017
59991101Aquarium supplies608
59991102Pet food931
59991103Pet supplies2,398
59991105Tropical fish306
599912Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies10,911
59991200Swimming pools, hot tubs, and sauna equipment and supplies7,217
59991201Hot tub and spa chemicals, equipment, and supplies139
59991202Sauna equipment and supplies116
59991203Spas and hot tubs816
59991204Swimming pool chemicals, equipment, and supplies2,082
59991205Swimming pools, above ground521
59991206Whirlpool baths20
599913Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes20,178
59991300Toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes3,416
59991302Perfumes and colognes1,642
59991303Toilet preparations53
59991304Hair care products1,885
599914Typewriters and business machines2,812
59991400Typewriters and business machines1,151
59991401Business machines and equipment1,161
59991402Photocopy machines429
599915Gems and precious stones584
59991500Gems and precious stones511
59991501Gem stones, rough27
59991502Stones, crystalline: rough46
599916Art, picture frames, and decorations7,637
59991600Art, picture frames, and decorations846
59991601Art dealers3,585
59991602Artificial flowers268
59991603Candle shops1,262
59991604Christmas lights and decorations269
59991605Heraldic insignia7
59991606Picture frames, ready made1,364
59991607Collectible plates36
599917Educational aids and electronic training materials760
59991700Educational aids and electronic training materials437
59991701Education aids, devices and supplies267
59991702Training materials, electronic56
599918Infant furnishings and equipment467
59991800Infant furnishings and equipment116
59991801Baby carriages and strollers81
59991803Child restraint seats, automotive1
59991804Children's equipment, nec52
59991805Children's furniture, nec92
59991807High chairs4
599999Miscellaneous retail stores, nec, nec25,461
59999901Alcoholic beverage making equipment and supplies1,054
59999902Auction rooms (general merchandise)604
59999903Autograph supplies60
59999905Batteries, non-automotive250
59999906Cake decorating supplies136
59999907Canvas products99
59999908Cleaning equipment and supplies877
59999909Concrete products, pre-cast131
59999910Electronic parts and equipment6,102
59999912Foam and foam products99
59999915Maps and charts70
59999916Plumbing and heating supplies935
59999917Police supply stores181
59999918Razors, electric9
59999919Religious goods667
59999920Rock and stone specimens293
59999921Rubber stamps137
59999922Sales barn134
59999925Theater programs391
59999926Theatrical equipment and supplies77
59999927Trophies and plaques3,400
59999928Vaults and safes123
59999929Water purification equipment2,607
59999930Packaging materials: boxes, padding, etc.474
59999931Welding supplies311
59999932Air purification equipment195
59999933Fiberglass materials, except insulation40