SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5932—Used Merchandise Stores
This industry includes stores primarily engaged in the retail sale of used merchandise, antiques, and secondhand goods, such as clothing and shoes; furniture; books and rare manuscripts; musical instruments; office furniture; phonographs and phonograph records; and store fixtures and equipment. This industry also includes pawnshops. Dealers primarily engaged in selling used motor vehicles, trailers, and boats are classified in Major Group 55, and those selling used mobile homes are classified in Industry 5271. Establishments primarily selling used automobile parts and accessories are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5015, and scrap and waste dealers are classified in Industry 5093. Establishments primarily engaged in automotive repair are classified in Services, Industry Group 753.

Antique stores—retailHome furnishings, antique—retail
Book stores, secondhand—retailManuscripts, rare—retail
Building materials, used—retailMusical instrument stores, second-hand—retail
Clothing stores, secondhand—retailObjects of art, antique—retail
Furniture stores, secondhand—retailPawnshops
Furniture, antique—retailPhonograph and phonograph record stores, secondhand—retail
Glassware, antique—retailShoe stores, secondhand—retail
Home furnishing stores, secondhand—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5932Used Merchandise Stores47,100
593200Used merchandise stores14,137
59320000Used merchandise stores14,137
593201Home furnishings and appliances, secondhand1,474
59320100Home furnishings and appliances, secondhand301
59320101Furniture, secondhand780
59320102Home furnishings, secondhand106
59320103Household appliances, used287
59320201Art objects, antique240
59320202Glassware, antique35
593203Book stores, secondhand969
59320300Book stores, secondhand264
59320301Manuscripts, rare13
59320302Rare books692
593204Clothing and shoes, secondhand4,340
59320400Clothing and shoes, secondhand441
59320401Clothing, secondhand3,884
59320402Shoes, secondhand15
593205Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand165
59320500Office furniture and store fixtures, secondhand36
59320501Office furniture, secondhand85
59320502Store fixtures and equipment, secondhand44
593299Used merchandise stores, nec8,383
59329901Building materials, secondhand96
59329902Computers and accessories, secondhand220
59329903Musical instruments, secondhand57
59329905Records, secondhand31
59329906Stereo equipment, secondhand17