SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5962—Automatic Merchandising Machine Operators
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of products by means of automatic merchandising units, also referred to as vending machines. This industry does not include the operation of coin-operated service machines, such as music machines, amusement and game machines, and lockers and scales. Insurance policies sold through vending machines are classified in Insurance, Major Group 63 or Major Group 64. Establishments primarily engaged in operating music machines, amusement and game machines, lockers and scales, and most other coin-operated service machines, are classified in Services, Division I.

Coin-operated machines selling merchandiseMerchandising, automatic (sale of products through vending
Dispensing machine sale of products—retailVending machine sale of products
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5962Merchandising Machine Operators9,866
596200Merchandising machine operators6,953
59620000Merchandising machine operators6,953
596201Food vending machines2,441
59620100Food vending machines1,103
59620101Candy and snack food vending machines1,202
59620102Sandwich and hot food vending machines136
596202Beverage vending machines299
59620200Beverage vending machines180
59620201Cold drinks vending machines89
59620202Hot drinks and soup vending machines30
596299Merchandising machine operators, nec173
59629901Cigarettes vending machines84
59629902Novelty vending machines89