Industry: 5949—Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods Stores
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of sewing supplies, fabrics, patterns, yarn and other needlework accessories.

Fabric shops—retailQuilting materials and supplies—retail
Knitting yarn shops—retailRemnant stores—retail
Mill end stores—retailSewing supplies—retail
Needlework stores—retailYard goods stores—retail
Notion stores—retailYarn shops (knitting)—retail
Piece goods—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5949Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods11,177
594900Sewing, needlework, and piece goods2,362
59490000Sewing, needlework, and piece goods2,362
594901Fabric stores piece goods3,101
59490100Fabric stores piece goods2,948
59490101Bridal fabrics24
59490102Fabric, remnants129
594902Sewing and needlework5,714
59490200Sewing and needlework441
59490201Knitting goods and supplies959
59490202Needlework goods and supplies502
59490203Notions, including trim33
59490204Patterns: sewing, knitting and needlework126
59490205Quilting materials and supplies708
59490206Sewing supplies2,879
59490207Weaving goods and supplies66