NAICS Code Description

311421 - Fruit and Vegetable Canning

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Kraft Heinz CompanyMaui Pineapple Company Ltd
J M Smucker CompanyOcean Spray Cranberries Inc
Seneca Foods CorporationNational Grape Coop Assn Inc
Tropicana Products IncTree Top Inc
Pacific Coast ProducersDel Monte Fresh Produce NA Inc

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing canned, pickled, and brined fruits and vegetables. Examples of products made in these establishments are canned juices; canned jams and jellies; canned tomato-based sauces, such as catsup, salsa, chili sauce, spaghetti sauce, barbeque sauce, and tomato paste; and pickles, relishes, and sauerkraut.

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in--

  • Manufacturing canned baby foods, canned soups (except seafood), and canned specialty foods (except seafood)--are classified in U.S. Industry 311422, Specialty Canning;
  • Manufacturing canned seafood soups and canned seafood products--are classified in Industry 311710, Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging;
  • Manufacturing canned meat products--are classified in Industry 31161, Animal Slaughtering and Processing; and
  • Manufacturing canned fruit and vegetable drinks, cocktails, and ades--are classified in U.S. Industry 312111, Soft Drink Manufacturing.
Index Entries for 311421
311421311421311421Artichokes, canned, manufacturing
311421311421311421Barbecue sauce manufacturing
311421311421311421Berries, canned, manufacturing
311421311421311421Beverages, fruit and vegetable juice, manufacturing
311421311421311421Brining of fruits and vegetables
311421311421311421Canning fruits and vegetables
311421311421311421Canning jams and jellies
311421311421311421Catsup manufacturing
311421311421311421Chili sauce manufacturing
311421311421311421Fruit brining
311421311421311421Fruit butters manufacturing
311421311421311421Fruit juice canning
311421311421311421Fruit juices, fresh, manufacturing
311421311421311421Fruit pickling
311421311421311421Fruit pie fillings, canning
311421311421311421Fruits pickling
311421311421311421Fruits, canned, manufacturing
311421311421311421Hominy, canned, manufacturing
311421311421311421Horseradish (except sauce) canning
311421311421311421Jellies and jams manufacturing
311421311421311421Juices, fruit or vegetable, canned manufacturing
311421311421311421Juices, fruit or vegetable, fresh, manufacturing
311421311421311421Ketchup manufacturing
311421311421311421Marmalade manufacturing
311421311421311421Mushrooms canning
311421311421311421Olives brined
311421311421311421Onions pickled
311421311421311421Pastes, fruit and vegetable, canning
311421311421311421Pickles manufacturing
311421311421311421Pickling fruits and vegetables
311421311421311421Preserves (e.g., imitation) canning
311421311421311421Relishes canning
311421311421311421Salsa canning
311421311421311421Sauces, tomato-based, canning
311421311421311421Sauerkraut manufacturing
311421311421311421Spaghetti sauce canning
311421311421311421Vegetable brining
311421311421311421Vegetable canning
311421311421311421Vegetable juices canning
311421311421311421Vegetable juices, fresh, manufacturing
311421311421311421Vegetables pickling