NAICS Code Description

311710 - Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging

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Rich Products CorporationCopper River Seafoods Inc
Peak Finance Holdings LLCTmci Holdings Inc
Trident Seafoods CorporationOmega Protein Corporation
Dulcich IncGortons Inc
Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLCIcicle Seafoods Inc

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) canning seafood (including soup); (2) smoking, salting, and drying seafood; (3) eviscerating fresh fish by removing heads, fins, scales, bones, and entrails; (4) shucking and packing fresh shellfish; (5) processing marine fats and oils; and (6) freezing seafood. Establishments known as "floating factory ships"" that are engaged in the gathering and processing of seafood into canned seafood products are included in this industry."

Index Entries for 311710
31171311710311710Cannery, seafood
311711311710311710Canning, fish, crustacea, and mollusks
31171311710311710Chowders, seafood, manufacturing
31171311710311710Cod liver oil extraction, crude, processing
311711311710311710Curing fish and seafood
311712311710311710Dinners, frozen seafood, manufacturing
311711311710311710Drying fish and seafood
31171311710311710Fish and marine animal oils processing
311711311710311710Fish egg bait canning
311712311710311710Fish freezing (e.g., blocks, fillets, ready-to-serve products)
31171311710311710Fish manufacturing
31171311710311710Fish meal processing
311711311710311710Fish, curing, drying, pickling, salting, and smoking
31171311710311710Floating factory ships, seafood processing
311712311710311710Freezing fish (e.g., blocks, fillets, ready-to-serve products)
311712311710311710Picking crab meat
311711311710311710Seafood and seafood products canning
311711311710311710Seafood and seafood products curing
31171311710311710Seafood and seafood products manufacturing
311712311710311710Seafood dinners, frozen, manufacturing
311711311710311710Seaweed processing (e.g., dulse)
311711311710311710Shellfish and shellfish products canning
31171311710311710Shellfish and shellfish products manufacturing
311711311710311710Shellfish curing
311712311710311710Shucking and packing fresh shellfish
31171311710311710Soups, seafood, manufacturing
31171311710311710Surimi manufacturing