55 - Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
55Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations243,708
5511New and Used Car Dealers50,874
551100New and used car dealers19,331
55110000New and used car dealers19,331
551199New and used car dealers, nec31,543
55119901Automobiles, new and used29,169
55119902Pickups, new and used356
55119903Trucks, tractors, and trailers: new and used1,973
55119904Vans, new and used45
5521Used Car Dealers35,656
552100Used car dealers10,218
55210000Used car dealers10,218
552199Used car dealers, nec25,438
55219901Antique automobiles556
55219902Automobiles, used cars only24,375
55219903Pickups and vans, used74
55219904Trucks, tractors, and trailers: used433
5531Auto and Home Supply Stores63,744
553100Auto and home supply stores7,721
55310000Auto and home supply stores7,721
553101Auto and truck equipment and parts29,585
55310100Auto and truck equipment and parts5,557
55310101Automobile air conditioning equipment, sale, installation347
55310102Automotive accessories2,333
55310103Automotive parts17,518
55310104Batteries, automotive and truck1,091
55310105Speed shops, including race car supplies838
55310106Trailer hitches, automotive206
55310107Truck equipment and parts1,695
553199Auto and home supply stores, nec26,438
55319901Automotive tires26,438
5541Gasoline Service Stations56,382
554100Gasoline service stations22,384
55410000Gasoline service stations22,384
554199Gasoline service stations, nec33,998
55419901Filling stations, gasoline32,301
55419902Marine service station309
55419903Truck stops972
55419904Gasoline service stations with convenience store416
5551Boat Dealers9,200
555100Boat dealers3,181
55510000Boat dealers3,181
555101Motor boat dealers1,153
55510100Motor boat dealers946
55510101Inboard boats38
55510102Inboard outdrive boats5
55510103Jet skis100
55510104Outboard boats64
555102Canoe and kayak dealers819
55510200Canoe and kayak dealers167
55510202Inflatable boats88
555103Sailboats and equipment160
55510300Sailboats and equipment73
55510301Sailboats, auxiliary (powered)4
55510302Sailboats, unpowered51
55510303Sails and equipment32
555104Marine supplies and equipment3,887
55510400Marine supplies and equipment2,657
55510401Marine supplies, nec1,076
55510402Outboard motors154
5561Recreational Vehicle Dealers3,160
556100Recreational vehicle dealers1,653
55610000Recreational vehicle dealers1,653
556101Camper and travel trailer dealers889
55610100Camper and travel trailer dealers251
55610101Campers (pickup coaches) for mounting on trucks361
55610102Travel trailers: automobile, new and used277
556199Recreational vehicle dealers, nec618
55619901Motor homes193
55619902Recreational vehicle parts and accessories425
5571Motorcycle Dealers8,301
557100Motorcycle dealers3,562
55710000Motorcycle dealers3,562
557199Motorcycle dealers, nec4,739
55719901All-terrain vehicles257
55719902Bicycles, motorized55
55719904Motor scooters109
55719905Motorcycle parts and accessories1,583
55719907All-terrain vehicle parts and accessories111
5599Automotive Dealers, Nec16,391
559900Automotive dealers, nec11,035
55990000Automotive dealers, nec11,035
559901Aircraft dealers1,365
55990100Aircraft dealers855
55990101Aircraft, self-propelled172
55990102Gliders, except hang10
55990103Hang gliders10
55990104Aircraft instruments, equipment or parts291
55990105Hot air balloons and equipment27
559999Automotive dealers, nec, nec3,991
55999903Golf cart, powered426
55999905Utility trailers2,752