SIC Industry Description

Industry: 5511—Motor Vehicle Dealers (New and Used)
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of new automobiles or new and used automobiles. These establishments frequently maintain repair departments and carry stocks of replacement parts, tires, batteries, and automotive accessories. These establishments also frequently sell pickups and vans at retail.

Automobile agencies (dealers)—retailMotor vehicle dealers, new and used cars—retail
Automobiles, new and used—retailPickups and vans, new and used—retail
Cars, new and used—retail
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5511New and Used Car Dealers65,865
551100New and used car dealers16,671
55110000New and used car dealers16,671
551199New and used car dealers, nec49,194
55119901Automobiles, new and used36,896
55119902Pickups, new and used258
55119903Trucks, tractors, and trailers: new and used11,983
55119904Vans, new and used57