Industry: 5551—Boat Dealers
Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of new and used motor boats and other watercraft, marine supplies, and outboard motors.

Boat dealers—retailMotorboat dealers—retail
Marine supply dealers—retailOutboard motor dealers—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5551Boat Dealers9,334
555100Boat dealers2,137
55510000Boat dealers2,137
555101Motor boat dealers2,124
55510100Motor boat dealers1,921
55510101Inboard boats36
55510102Inboard outdrive boats5
55510103Jet skis96
55510104Outboard boats66
555102Canoe and kayak dealers901
55510200Canoe and kayak dealers117
55510202Inflatable boats81
555103Sailboats and equipment168
55510300Sailboats and equipment78
55510301Sailboats, auxiliary (powered)6
55510302Sailboats, unpowered55
55510303Sails and equipment29
555104Marine supplies and equipment4,004
55510400Marine supplies and equipment2,709
55510401Marine supplies, nec1,140
55510402Outboard motors155