Industry: 5541—Gasoline Service Stations
Gasoline service stations primarily engaged in selling gasoline and lubricating oils. These establishments frequently sell other merchandise, such as tires, batteries, and other automobile parts, or perform minor repair work. Gasoline stations combined with other activities, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, or carwashes, are classified according to the primary activity.

Automobile service stations—retailMarine service stations—retail
Filling stations, gasoline—retailService stations, gasoline—retail
Gasoline and oil—retailTruck stops—retail
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
5541Gasoline Service Stations55,969
554100Gasoline service stations16,732
55410000Gasoline service stations16,732
554199Gasoline service stations, nec39,237
55419901Filling stations, gasoline37,176
55419902Marine service station304
55419903Truck stops1,171
55419904Gasoline service stations with convenience store586