Major Group: 31—Leather And Leather Products

This major group includes establishments engaged in tanning, currying, and finishing hides and skins, leather converters, and establishments manufacturing finished leather and artificial leather products and some similar products made of other materials.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 311: Leather Tanning And Finishing
3111Leather Tanning and Finishing548
Industry Group 313: Boot And Shoe Cut Stock And Findings
3131Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings1,354
Industry Group 314: Footwear, Except Rubber
3142House Slippers15
3143Men's Footwear, Except Athletic186
3144Women's Footwear, Except Athletic116
3149Footwear, Except Rubber, Not Elsewhere Classified150
Industry Group 315: Leather Gloves And Mittens
3151Leather Gloves and Mittens99
Industry Group 316: Luggage
Industry Group 317: Handbags And Other Personal Leather Goods
3171Women's Handbags and Purses322
3172Personal Leather Goods, Except Women's Handbags and Purses382
Industry Group 319: Leather Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified
3199Leather Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified1,253