SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3131—Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather soles, inner soles, and other boot and shoe cut stock and findings. This industry also includes finished wood heels. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heels, soling strips, and soles made of rubber, composition, plastics, and fiber are classified in Major Group 30.

Bows, shoeQuarters (shoe cut stock)
Box toes, leather (shoe cut stock)Rands (shoe cut stock)
Buckles, shoeShanks, shoe
Caps, heel and toe: leather or metalShoe cut stock
Clasps, shoeShoe soles: except rubber, composition, plastics, and fiber
Counters (shoe cut stock)Soles, boot and shoe: except rubber composition, plastics, and fiber
Cut stock for boots and shoesStays, shoe
Findings, boot and shoeTaps, shoe regardless of material
Heel caps, leather or metalTips, shoe regardless of material
Heel lifts leatherToe caps, leather or metal
Heels, boot and shoe: finished wood or leatherTongues, boot and shoe: leather
Inner soles, leatherTop lifts, boot and shoe
Laces, boot and shoe: leatherTrimmings, shoe leather
Leather weltingUppers (shoe cut stock)
Linings, boot and shoe: leatherVamps, leather
Ornaments, shoeWood heel blocks, for sale as such
Pegs, shoeWood heels, finished (shoe findings)
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3131Footwear Cut Stock576
313100Footwear cut stock142
31310000Footwear cut stock142
313101Boot and shoe accessories35
31310100Boot and shoe accessories22
31310101Bows, shoe4
31310102Buckles, shoe0
31310103Clasps, shoe1
31310104Laces, shoe and boot: leather5
31310105Ornaments, shoe3
313102Heel parts for shoes125
31310200Heel parts for shoes2
31310203Heel lifts, leather0
31310204Heels, shoe and boot: leather or wood2
31310205Top lifts, shoe and boot1
313103Sole parts for shoes112
31310300Sole parts for shoes9
31310303Soles, shoe and boot: except rubber, plastics, etc.2
31310304Taps, shoe1
31310305Welting, cut stock and finding4
313104Inner parts for shoes12
31310400Inner parts for shoes7
31310401Inner soles, leather2
31310402Linings, shoe and boot: leather2
31310403Stays, shoe1
31310404Tongues, shoe and boot, leather0
313105Body parts, shoe outers150
31310500Body parts, shoe outers1
31310501Box toes, leather1
31310504Toe caps, leather or metal1
31310505Trimmings (leather), shoe1