SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3111—Leather Tanning and Finishing
Establishments primarily engaged in tanning, currying, and finishing hides and skins into leather. This industry also includes leather converters, who buy hides and skins and have them processed into leather on a contract basis by others.

Bag leatherLeather converters
Belting butts, curried or roughLeather: tanning, currying, and finishing
Belting leatherLining leather
Bookbinders' leatherMechanical leather
Bridle leatherParchment leather
Buffings, russetPatent leather
Case leatherRawhide
Chamois leatherRoller leather
Collar leatherSaddlery leather
Coloring of leatherShearling (prepared sheepskin)
Cutting of leatherSkirting leather
Die-cutting of leatherSkivers, leather
Embossing of leatherSole leather
Exotic leathersSpecialty leathers
Fancy leathersSplits, leather
Fleshers, leather (flesh side of split leather)Strap leather
Garment leatherSweatband leather
Glove leatherTanneries, leather
Handbag leatherUpholstery leather
Harness leatherUpper leather
Japanning of leatherVellum leather
Lace leatherWelting leather
Latigo leatherWet blues
Leather coloring, cutting, embossing, japanning, and welting
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3111Leather Tanning and Finishing549
311100Leather tanning and finishing129
31110000Leather tanning and finishing129
311101Equestrian leather products59
31110100Equestrian leather products24
31110101Bridle leather4
31110102Harness leather2
31110104Saddlery leather26
31110105Strap leather3
311102Shoe leather28
31110200Shoe leather25
31110201Patent leather2
31110202Sole leather1
31110203Upper leather0
311103Leather processing131
31110300Leather processing16
31110301Coloring of leather1
31110302Currying of leather1
31110303Cutting of leather5
31110304Die-cutting of leather1
31110305Embossing of leather5
31110306Finishing of leather5
31110307Hides: tanning, currying, and finishing13
31110309Leather converters2
31110311Tanneries, leather35
311104Accessory products, leather125
31110400Accessory products, leather54
31110401Bag leather34
31110402Belting leather7
31110403Case leather2
31110404Glove leather5
31110405Handbag leather19
31110406Lace leather3
31110407Sweatband leather1
311105Garment leather8
31110500Garment leather3
31110501Collar leather4
31110502Lining leather1
311106Fine, pliant leather; sheep, goat, calf22
31110600Fine, pliant leather; sheep, goat, calf1
31110601Bookbinders' leather16
31110602Chamois leather1
31110604Shearling (prepared sheepskin)4
311107Industrial leather products13
31110700Industrial leather products11
31110701Mechanical leather2
31110702Roller leather0
311199Leather tanning and finishing, nec34
31119901Fancy or exotic leathers, nec5
31119902Specialty leathers, nec4
31119903Upholstery leather25